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Guest Post: Meditation 101: The Basics of How to Meditate

Meditation is a big part of practicing Mindfulness, and yet I have felt so intimidated to start or even knowing where I should begin so that is why I feel so very fortunate to introduce Jen O'Neil from Buddha Belly here on Pursuing Delights. Her wonderful post has really helped me feel much more confident in start my own meditation practice and I just know it will help you as well!

Meditation 101: The Basics of How to Meditate  

Meditation has made a huge difference in my life and I want to share that with all of you. Are you interested in learning about meditation, just starting out or an old hat at finding the quiet in your mind? Well this post on Meditation 101 is for you. I’ll break down the basics of meditation and why you should be meditating. So if you’re a newbie you’ll gain a lot of basic information and if you’re more experienced a brush up on the basics is always good and you may learn something new!

Before we get into the basics of meditation let’s take a quick look at why you should be meditating!

Research has shown that meditation:
·         Increases positive emotions
·         Increases satisfaction with your life
·         Boots your immune system
·         Decrease your response to pain
·         Help you cope with what you can’t control
·         Can reduce loneliness
·         Increases memory and attention
·         Decreases anxiety, stress and depression
·         Gives you perspective
·         Improves emotional stability

If you want more in-depth information on why you should meditate and the different forms of meditation check out my mediation series here.

Meditation looks so simple that most people discount all the growth you can gain from it, but it’s actually much harder than it seems. We spend a lot of time learning the go, go, go mentality. Most of us as kids had to fit in sports, chores, school work and were expected to excel at each. As adults we then have to balance work, physical health, a social life, kids, etc. We spend very little time just sitting, breathing and being. Challenging that mentality of needing to get it all done as soon as possible can be extremely difficult, but like anything else new you just have to start with small steps.
If you want to learn how to meditate just keep reading!

Make a peaceful spot for yourself.
Even people who have been meditating for years can have a difficult time focusing when their surroundings are less than peaceful. I’m a huge advocate of making a special spot in your house for your meditation practice. I have a special cushion that I bought for meditation that is bright, colorful and makes me happy to look at. I get my diffuser going with mint, let everyone know not to bother me for a bit and make sure that I’m in a comfortable position. Most people prefer to be seated with their legs crossed, their booties on a cushion and their backs supported, but if that’s uncomfortable for you then you can do your meditation laying down or in any other comfortable position. The main objective is that you are just in a comfortable place and are actually trying to meditate. If I know I’m going to have a busy day I have been known just to meditate in my car.

Figure out what method of meditation you want to start with.
There are so many different types of meditation out there it can be hard to figure out which one is the best one to start with. I’m a fan of starting with guided visualization because I personally have a hard time simply sitting still and being. For me this is easy mode for meditation, but everyone is different. Guided visualization for some could bring up a lot of feelings they aren’t quite ready to deal with. Guided meditation is basically a meditation technique that uses the imagination to help you visualize different things. If you think guided visualization might be a good place for you to start out just type it into YouTube and find a video that looks interesting!
You may be more comfortable with simply concentrating on your breath instead. When I’m doing breathing meditation I get comfortable on my cushion and do square breathing. I breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4 and repeat. Thoughts will come in and out. Let them drift through your brain, acknowledge them as thoughts and then send them away as you focus back on your square breathing.  For me this is the hardest form of meditation because I have a terrible time just sitting and concentrating, but it’s also been the method that’s been the most beneficial to me in my life.
Some other types of meditation you may want to look into is walking meditation, affirmation meditation, transcendental meditation, mindfulness, and many more. I like to shake up how I meditate each day because it constantly challenges me and keeps me from getting comfortable in my safety zone.

Start out small.
There is absolutely no need to start out meditating for an hour a day. You can reap benefits from just a small amount of time. I would stay start at 5-10 minutes daily and increase from there. Meditation is less about the amount of time and more about making it a habit and finding that place in yourself where you’re at peace so that you can continue to tap into that even when you aren’t meditating. I try to meditate in the morning and in the evening, but when I was first starting out I would just do it on my lunch breaks. You want to make meditation something you enjoy and not another chore on your to-do list.

Keep a journal.
It can be so hard to notice slight changes in yourself or see how your perspective has shifted. I highly suggested keeping a journal where you monitor your happiness, anxiety, depression, etc. with numbers. 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. You can choose whatever you want to monitor. I also write about how I’m feeling and I can see how meditation uplifts my mood and helps give me temperance, but for some quantitative date is easier than qualitative data.

Don’t judge yourself.
Some days you are going to slip right into that easy, meditative place and other days you’ll feel itchy in your skin and want nothing more than to just stop. Stick with it! You’re human and no one is perfect at anything at any given time. Allow yourself the ability to have bad meditation days and let them go. End your practice with telling yourself that you simply did a good job just by meditating today. Those days where you want nothing more than to get on with your day are just as important, if not more so, than the days where you are on point. Those are the days where you learn patience, focus and humility.

Find someone to keep you accountable.
This may work for some or may be torture for others. Find what works for you. If you’re someone who finds being held accountable makes you more likely to succeed then find a buddy who can check in with you once in a while on your meditation journey and see how you’re doing. You can also look for a class or group that is all about bringing together others who want to meditate. However, this may also make meditation feel like a chore to you which is not what we want. If you start getting that feeling than it is best to walk this journey on your own.

Figure out your best time.
When are you most likely to fit in meditation? When do you seem to get the best effects from it? For me I love meditating in the morning because it gets my day off to a good start and I love meditating in the evening because it helps my mind from being a monkey brain filled with my to-do list for the next day. Meditation is a very individual journey so don’t be afraid to change things up.

Challenge yourself.
Just like anything meditation can get boring or your practice can stagnant. Push yourself out of your comfort zone by meditating in a new spot or with more distractions around you. Try a new type of meditation or a new class.

Here’s a quick and basic meditation for your first try! 

Set a timer for 10 minutes and put it in the other room so it doesn’t startle you when it goes off. Find a quiet place where you won’t be bothered or distracted for 10 minutes. Take a cross-legged seat on a pillow and support your back if necessary. Take a deep and cleansing breath feeling your stomach expand as you sit taller.

Scan your body for tightness or tension starting at your feet and moving your way up to your head slowly. If you feel any tightness or tension take the time there just to breathe and relax that area. Keep moving your way up and make sure to drop your shoulders and let your jaw be slack.

Now just be still. Focus on your breath. Breathe in slowly and feel your abdominals expand with the air and as you breathe out really focus on your out breath as your abdominals sink back in and you let more and more of your tension sink out of you. Breathe in while visualizing yourself taking in a golden light of good and when you exhale see yourself letting go of all your tension and bad thoughts through black light pouring out of your mouth.

Your mind will wander, but just keep bringing it back to your breath. Don’t beat yourself up when your mind drifts. This is normal. Just focus your thoughts back on breathing in the good and exhaling out the bad.

When your alarm goes off slowly wiggle your toes and fingers and open your eyes slowly.

As you become more practiced with meditation you will have a sense of calm and slowness that will allow you to have better focus and better mental health. Both a win in my book! I encourage you to make meditation a part of your daily life and reap the benefits that I have. Science is backing me up!

Jen O’Neill is the author of Buddha Belly, a wellness and lifestyle blog focusing on her journey to wellness and looking stylish while doing it! Helping others learn to be their best selves is her greatest passion right after coffee and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You can find her hiking with her boyfriend and Husky around the Chicagoland area, taking pretty pictures for her instagram or nerding out on the latest scientific studies in the wellness community.
Sunday, January 7, 2018

How to Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Keep Them!

The end of a year brings reflation on the days and months that have passed us by, it gives us a moment to contemplate on what type of person we were and how we treat those around us.

We can ponder and ask ourselves, how did we use all our time? Did we focus on areas that were important or meaningful to us? Did we take the opportunity to learn and grow from difficult moments and events that occurred this last year?
With this reflation comes the hope of a new year and of a new you!

The start of a new year means a new outlook, new opportunities, new lessons to learn, new growth within ourselves, new friends to make, new habits to create,  or to put it simply, it is a new beginning.

So one of the best ways to start this new chapter in the book of our life is to set some goals.

And as I know all too well, it is so easy to come up with goals for the New Year but it is much harder to keep them past February. 

So let’s work together and set in place the best plan to make our new goals and keep them all year long!

Step number one; we need to set some S.M.A.R.T. goals.

And I would also like to add, that whatever you pick, make sure you are truly motivated and excited about creating that new habit. Because there are going to be days that you will find it hard to keep your goal or there may be times when you revert back to your old habit, so you need to be motivated and inspired to pick yourself back up after those bad days and get back on track to completing what you set out to do!

If you haven’t heard of SMART goals, it is a way of setting a goal that is robust and motivating goals.

Now there are some variations of what SMART stands for, but basically, this is what it comes down to;





Time Bound

Let’s break it down a little bit more so that we can increase the likely hood of completely our goals.


When choosing a goal this is no time to be vague, to set yourself up for success set clear and precise goals. An example would be instead of saying “I’m going to get in shape this year” you would say “I’m going to run a 10k  this year” Just by setting a precise and specific goal you are already one step closer to that new you in this new year!


This is the step is where you make your action plan! You will break your goal down into exact amounts, dates, smaller goals and so on. By doing this, you will be able to stay of course in making your new habit, it also helps if you do steer off course a little you can very easily look at where you need to be and adjust your timeline.


For me I think of this step as walking a tightrope, if you lean too much on the “too easy” side you will fall off and not really experience any true personal growth or learning. But if you lean too much on the “not realist” side again you will fall as you have just set up yourself for failure.
So you will need to do some personal self-reflection and be honest with yourself, are you challenging yourself but it is still reachable.


Whatever goal you set it should be relevant to your life and what is important to you. If you keep your goal aligned with your dreams for the future you will be more motivated to keep at it and make the changes you need to complete your goal.

Time Bound

Goals must have a timeline otherwise they are just a wish that will fade away with the raising of the sun. By setting a timeline you will be able to see how far you have come and where you need to go. And you will be able to celebrate each milestone along your journey.

Setting SMART goals will give you a solid start to all you want to accomplish. 
But there are a few other things that you can do to make sure that you make your dreams a reality.

Tip #1 - Make goals that motivate you

You need to feel inspiration and excitement when you think of your goal and what it will mean to your life when you complete it. Because if your goal holds no value to you or you have little interest in the outcome, when it starts to become a struggle to keep true to the changes you are making in your life, you need to be able to remember that excitement you felt and get inspirited to keep on going!

Tip #2 – Tell Someone

Where it is just a few close friends or family or you share it with everyone and anyone, by telling someone will increase the likelihood that we will stick with it. They will help hold us accountable, and motivated to keep going!

Tip #3 – Identify the Obstacles 

There will be obstacles that you will need to overcome to reach your goal. Sit down, identify what they are and then make a plan to overcome them. Here is an example, if your goal is to run a 10k race this year, one obstacle that will most likely come up is the weather! On days you have planned to train it may raining,  too cold or maybe too hot depending on where you live. So what can you do overcome this? You will have to think about what is best in your life but you could run indoors on a treadmill, or maybe already have appropriate workout clothing for whatever weather you may experience. Maybe you will have to have a few backup workouts planned that may not be going for a run but will help strengthen your muscles. 

By identifying obstacles that may come up and make plans to overcome them you laying another strong stone in your solid foundation to self-improvement and just one step closer to reaching your goals.

Tip #4 - Don't be afraid of failure

We should not be afraid of failure as it is often an inevitable step on the journal to reach one's goal. To quote the great master Yoda "The greatest teacher, failure is." When we fail or have a setback we need to see it for what it really is, an opportunity to learn, to be wiser and begin again stronger and better than before.

Tip #5 - Use Mindfulness to support you reach your goals

When one practices mindfulness you are aware of your actions and how they affect your life instead of just living on autopilot.  This is a great way to help you reach your goals because as you become more aware of your action you will be able to recognize when you are moving closer to your goal or getting off track. As you are truly present you will be able to get the resources you will need to achieve your goals. Any other great thing about practicing mindfulness is that it will help you get over any negative feelings that you may feel is you do get off course. It is good to learn from one's mistakes but it is not good to wallow in those negative feelings. When one practices mindfulness, you learn to recognize those feelings and where they are coming from and why but then you move on, taking only the lessons you learned with you into the present moment.   

Tip #6 – Write it down

Just the simple act of writing your goal down makes it real and tangible. You are also less likely to forget it. When you are writing your goal down, be sure make sure to use strong and powerful language like “will” “commit” and “determine” instead of soft words like “I’ll try”, “I would like” or “might”. Once you have written them down place your goal in a visible spot so that you are reminded each and every day of what your goal is and how you are going to get there!

I have helped you with this last tip by creating some wonderful free printables where you can write down your goals and keep them somewhere as a daily reminder.

 Goal Printable

 Go HERE to get them! 

I would love to hear any tips or treats you use to help stick to your goals!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Winter Christmas Tree Arts and Crafts Project

The original plan was to share this great art and craft project by Marcie from purely as a guest post, but when I saw her amazing craft, I just had to do it with my girls straight away! 

Marcie very graciously let me turn her guest post into more of a collaborative post instead, as I will share my experience with doing this great craft for kids with my two girls.

First, here is Marcie!

Today I am sharing a winter holiday project.

I put this together by using the following;
•    red construction paper,
•    paint,
•    glitter,
•    glue,
•    paintbrush
•    And my finger!

Here is how to do it.

1)    Get some red or white construction paper.
2)    Take a black marker and make a triangle for the tree.
3)    Paint the inside of the triangle green.
4)    Using the paintbrush paint one finger and put it on the tree making lights with different colors. Make sure after you finished using one color to wipe the paint off your finger before adding another color.
5)    When the paint dries put some glue on the tree and add a little gold glitter.

painting Christmas tree craft project for kids

My girls and I had a lovely time doing this fun and easy craft project, and I loved all the excellent teaching moments that are so naturally built into this project as well.

Because my girls are younger, I drew the triangle myself but I was able to take a moment and talk about it with them. We talked about how many points and how many sides it has. As well I got them to trace over it with their finger a few times. 

Which they just loved! For real! It is marvelous seeing the world through a child’s eye because everything is so amazing and anything can be turned into a game! Even counting points and sides of a triangle!

When I brought out the paint and explained we were going to turn that triangle into a Christmas tree, they were so excited and continue to point to our Christmas tree and saying “We have a Christmas tree over there too!”
They had a great time painting and much to my delight there was little to no mess!
painting Christmas tree craft project for kids

They thought it was awesome that they were able to put paint on their finger and make little “lights” for the tree.

I saw this as a wonderful nature moment to share some mindfulness practices, so we talked about how the paint felt on their fingers, what it smelt like. We talked about the colours, and how the colours made them feel. It was such a naturally teaching moment, and it led to a beautifully simple discussion on how great it was to have paint on one’s finger!

Oh, to be a child again!

I think it goes without saying that glitter is always a big hit! 

I did have to help them as I did not want to be cleaning up glitter for years to come! Haha!

We had a great time with this fantastic winter holiday project and I know you will too!

These two just crack me up!

 I’m looking forward to what great arts and crafts project for kids Marcie will come up with next!
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Clothespin Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

So if you are anything like me you might have left making you activity advent calendar to the last minute.....But don't worry! I got your back!

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Not only did I find this straightforward calendar but I have some great tips on how to pick fun yet low-stress activities for the month.

And I even made a free printable to make pulling this calendar together super easy!

I saw this inspiration for my cute advent calendar here. When I saw it I just loved it and thought that it would be no trouble at all to make!

Which is exactly what I needed since I left it to the last few days!

So Let's Get Started!

Things you will need:
  • A glue gun and glue
  • Tape
  • 25 clothes pins
  • A Cardboard Circle (the one I had was 4 inch)
  • Wrapping paper
  • A little piece of ribbon
  • My Free Printable

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Step One - You need to measure out your middle cardboard circle. So get the cardboard and your clothespins, lay out the clothespins to see how big of a circle you need. You could use a plate or a round lid to help you. I had a little 4-inch cardboard cake round that I used, which I think worked fine, but I did use mini clothes pins so if you are using regular size ones you will need a bigger circle. Once you know how big of a circle you need simply cut it out.

Step Two- Take the Cardboard circle, lay it down on the wrapping paper and then cut a piece of the wrapping paper that is about 1 - 2 inches bigger than your cardboard circle.

Step Three- To make it easier for myself, I glued the cardboard down to the middle of the wrapping paper.

Step Four- To make sure that you get a nice edge around the circle, snip toward the center of the cardboard circle without cutting the cardboard.

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Step Five- Once you have made those cuts all the way around fold them down on the cardboard and tape them down. You could glue them down if you wanted, I just found it quicker to tape them down!

Step Six- Turn the circle over so you have the nice side facing up and then with your glue gun, gun the clothe pins on. Make sure you have 25! I found these super cute little mini sparkly ones at my local dollar store which I just fell in love with! So I didn't have to decorate the clothespins myself! Now if you are using the regular ones, you can use them just as they are, which I think looks great! Or if you wanted you could very easier paint them, or even put some washi tape on them to make them a little fancier! Anyway once you are done whatever you want with them glue them to your cardboard circle. Make sure that you have the part of the clothespin that will hold the number facing out!

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

Step Seven - Once the glue has dried, turn it over and make a loop with your ribbon and glue it to the back so you have something to hang it up with.

Step Eight - Print off your FREE PRINTABLE, to make sure they hold up longer I suggest printing them off on cardstock paper. Then cut them out.

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable
A little preview of your printable
Click HERE for your Free Printable

(An optional step is that you could laminate them to help them last until next year, you would just have to write the activity with a whiteboard mark.)

Christmas Advent Calendar Free Printable

I just love how it looks! With mine I really like how they over lap and the day you are on is the one that will show up on top. 

But if you do not like the overlapping look just remember to make you cardboard circle bigger that way you will have more space in between each of the clothespins.

Step Nine - The last step is now that you have the numbers all cut out and ready to go you just have to write each day activity on the back.

Here are some tips to keep the activities low stress.

Work in activities you already are planning to do. For example, I know that we will be going to get pictures with Santa, so I would use that as the activity for that day!

Plan on using decorating for the holidays as the activity or activities! I like to draw this out for a few days! For example, one day the activity will be setting up the Christmas and putting on the lights. Then the next day would be decorating the tree. I also use setting up the nativity as an activity on its own day.  So as you can see you could really spread that out! This will make life so much easier for you!

For younger children have Christmas coloring pages for them to do, I used this activity a few times last year it was so great because I would have them color while I was making dinner, and having them entertained while I made dinner made everyone happy!

So as you can see just keep it simple!

That way everyone can enjoy the activities including you!

I have also included a few links to other blogs that have lists with some more great activities you can use on your Christmas Advent Calendar this year. Go here, here and here!

So you should have no problem putting it all together, even if like me, you left it to the last minute!

Merry Christmas!!!
Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Snowflake Coffee Filter Craft with a Mindfulness Teaching Bonus

This a fun winter craft that is great to do 
with a wide age range of children!

Things You Will Need:

  • Coffee Filter
  • Markers
  •  Scissors
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Garage Bag

It really is a wonderfully simple craft to do that your kids will love, and very little clean which is always the best!

 Step One – Flat out the coffee filter and let your kids go crazy with colouring the filters. Let them colour them in whatever way they want, the more colour the better! 

Step Two – Now because my kids are young, I did this step myself but if you have older children they could do this step. You will want to hold the filter in half, 4 times, then cut out whatever snowflake design you would like! 

Step Three – Once you have them all cut, spread out the garbage bag. The bag is just to keep the clean up to a minimum. When you lay them on the bag be sure that they are not overlapping.

Step Four – This part my kids just loved! You get your Spray Bottle and spray the filters till they are completely wet. 

Step Five – Let them dry! I let them sit overnight to be sure they were fully dry.  Then once they are dry, put them up on display!

Another great thing about this craft is that there are some wonderful opportunities to teach your children the practice mindfulness, as you are colouring talk about the different colours, describe them, are they bright, dull, do the colours make you feel anything? When spraying the water on the coffee filters describes how the colour moves, talk about that movement.

As you have these simple discussions with your children you are teaching them to be in the present moment. You are helping them focus solely on what they are doing. And when you talk about how the colours may make them feel, you are teaching them to not judge themselves harshly when they feel a wide range of emotions. Which in the future may help them break out of a negative thought pattern.  

I hope you enjoyed this craft, be sure to subscribe to my blog that way you will never miss a post! There are a lot more crafts, and tips on practicing mindfulness to come! 
Monday, November 20, 2017

A Simple Craft to Teach Children About Mindfulness

As I continue to learn more about and start to practice mindfulness in my life, I also want to teach my children this as well so they can reap the benefits of this lifestyle practice.

While I was listening to a podcast about mindfulness (side note here, I cannot for the life of me remember which podcast it was, sorry! I really need to start writing these things down!) the guest (again can't remember who! Again I will start keeping notes!) brought up some simple ways to introduce mindfulness to children.

One way she brought up was by getting a snow globe and spending a few minutes and talking about the snowflakes. About how they are falling, fast or slow? Are the falling straight down or are they spinning around? Really whatever you want, the point is to take a minute or two and describe the flakes. By doing this you are living purely in the moment, just focusing fully on what you are doing in the present moment, observing the snowflakes.

This simple and short activity through play teaches children to just be present in the moment.

And me being me! I immediately thought I could do this as a craft with the girls!

They would love a homemade snow globe! 

And the best part is it really is a simple craft to make with kids!

Things that you will need:

Glass Jars (I used baby food jars but you could use mason jars as well)
A small toy that will fit on the lid
Baby Oil (you could use just water but I personal think the sparkles float better in baby oil)

If you are using baby food jars be sure to remove the labels first.

Then glue the small toy to the middle of the lid. And then set it aside to dry. I waited a day just to be on the save side but depending on what glue you decide to use you might not need to wait as long.

The next thing to do is add some sparkles to the jar, you don't really need a lot to have it look fantastic! Although if your children helps you pour in the sparkles you might end up with a lot more then you meant to! But that is fine, it still will look great!

Once you got the sparkles in there, pour in the oil. Just keep in mind that you can't fill it up too much as you will have to remember about the oil displacement due to the little toy on the lid.

Then once the oil is in there, and you make sure that the toy is stuck to lid really well, put some glue on around the edge of the lid and screw on the lid super tight!

Let it sit and dry.

Then once dry, have fun with your children watching the sparkles! Play around with it! Shack it up really hard and watch and talk about what happens.

It may seem simple but your kids will love it! 

And it will teach them all about living in the present moment. 
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

6 Months with Baby #3

And in a blink of an eye, we have pasted the 6-month mark! Every time I sit down to write these monthly letters it always blows me away on how fast time seems to pass.

The other things that always gets me, is how much you continue to grow and change even within these first few months.

You are now rolling both ways, front to back and back to front. This has been great as you seem to love the ability to control how you spend your time on the floor. The only downside about this is that it freaks me out a little because when you are rolling from being on your tummy going to your back; it always looks like you are going to break your bottom arm, due to how far you seem to bend it! I have to hold myself back to running and helping you every time and give you a chance to figure it out yourself. And low and behold you always work it out and will roll over with no problems, so I guess I need to have a little more faith! 

This last month you toys have become your favourite thing! You have shocked me a few times on how excited you get after I have given you a toy! You just seem to find such joy in the bright colour or the delightful sounds they often make. And of course, at this stage of life, everything goes straight into your mouth! So the better you are able to chomp down on a toy the more of a favourite that toy seems to become!

And the fact that toys are entertaining you more has given your sisters another way to play with you! They are so good and enjoy fetching your toys over and over again as you learn about gravity and its effect on your toys. Thank goodness cause I can only play that game for so long!

Speaking of your sisters, I swear they love you more and more with each passing day! They are so good at helping cheers you up or keeping you entertained or grab things for you. Sometimes I worry that they show their love a little too strongly but you just seem to soak it all in! You love it when they act silly and will show your delight by laughing and laughing! This, of course, encourages them to act even sillier and you just love it! They are always able to get really good belly laughs from you, I just love watching you three play!

On the sleep front, we are still doing well. At night you now consistently only waking once or twice, which I'm fine with.

And you are taking longer naps now, which have improved your mood greatly during the day. The only thing that is hard is that because you have two busy older sisters, you often don't get a really good morning nap because we are often out of the house.  Sadly I'm not too sure what to do about that because I can't eliminate those activities or outings. Luckily you are pretty good at falling asleep in the car so you do get a few little cat naps, which I guess is better than nothing. What I do try is make sure that we are home in the afternoon so you get at least one good nap a day. 

Your love of solid food is also growing more and more, and the reason I know this is because when I'm feeding you will often give little grunts indicating you need more food in your mouth! I need to get in on video because I find it hilarious! And oh so cute! I feel like you might start eating us out of house and home before your first birthday!

I know that you do have your grumpy moments from time to time but we are so happy and blessed to have you in our lives. You have been with us for only 6 months and yet so quickly you have become irreplaceable. 

We love you so much and look forward to spending much more time with you!

baby photo