Monday, January 24, 2011

The Joys of Working Out

My husband and I got memberships to a sports center near our home. It has a running track, a gym that is fully equipped with tons of cool machines, lots of different classes you could go to, but my favorite (at least for today) the pool. ahhhh…..that wonderful pool, a place where dreams really do come true.  Mike and I often go swimming after working out in the gym, today was no different. I was easing myself down into the cold water trying my best to get use to the water temperature. Mike was already off like a fish doing laps when I turn around and there before my eyes the Canadian Men’s National Water Polo Team. 
When I saw them they did not that those silly black things on
I could not help myself; I stared and enjoyed the view. All those perfectly toned muscles, the wonderful tans, those perfectly toned muscles and those swim suits……...well they were nice too. ;) 
You would forget too!!

 There I was mind blank just taking it all in, when I hear two little words that snap me back to earth, “EYES DOWN.”   My Wonderful Husband. I must state that I’m a happily married woman and that I love my husband more then words can describe. BUT…… that moment I may or may not have forgotten his name for a split second….well maybe a minute. I did promise him that next time we could come when the women’s polo team was practicing.

“Don't mess with the water polo team because we are tighter than our suits which are 4 times too small.” -Author Unknown- 

Who needs water polo when I have him

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 The Year of Elva

Through out my life many people have commented on my name. Elva. What  comes next is always the same, "Where does it come from?" Well, my friends, I have always been told that it is Swedish, and that it means "11"  That is why this year 2011, is mine year. So I asked myself, How can I really make this year, Mine!?!? The first thing that came to mind is my New Year's Resolutions. This is the year that I will cross them off my to do list with a sense of accomplishment.

Step number, Share. (For the record this part really makes me nervous)

Goal #1 Lose Weight, now I know what your thinking Boring!!! That's the same as everyone else, well I'm doing it for me not them so hush. According to the BMI charts that I have read I am within my normal BMI but I am on the heavier end of the scale. My goal get to the middle of the "wonderful" chart.

Goal #2 Finish Knitting that Baby Sweater that I started over a year ago. I loving knitting, I really do! But for some reason I always put it off. Not this year, this is the year that I finish the projects that I start. I have a friend who also has a desire to knit as well. I'm hoping that we can team up and  have joyful knitting dates! I can see it now, knit one purl two........

Goal #3 Take my Grade One Piano test. I took piano all through out my childhood and yet I never  made it to Grade One Piano...........sad

This is the year I really focus on improving myself.
In the Words of Dr. Seuss "You're off to Great Places! Today is your day!Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!" (Oh, the Places You'll Go!)