Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For the Love of Lacrosse

     I know that a big chunk of Canadians LOVE their hockey, but I think if they went to a Lacrosse game they might come away with a new favorite sport. 
       The whole atmosphere is different when you go to a Lacrosse game. One thing you notice straight a way is the fact that they play music the whole time. It’s great; it gets everyone really fired up! Then there is the sport announcer. I love him. He says the things you want to say….well maybe in a bit more family friendly way then you may say. Let me give you an example, if a player from the opposing team gets a penalty he may say “Sit Down and Shout Up” Hilarious. Let be honest what makes it even better is the fact that there is a whole bunch of wonderful little things sayings. And the entire audience knows them and will say them along with him. It really is great; hockey has no idea what it’s missing.

From years past. Enjoying a Favorite Treat at a Lacrosse Game
The most amazing thing is that I haven’t even started talking about the game its self yet! Now don’t get me wrong I’m a Canadian girl through and through and I love my hockey. I have even driven through a blizzard to go to a hockey game (true story almost died). But I must say Lacrosse has a faster pace and there seem to be way more goals. Take this last game the end score was 12 – 11 for Calgary. It was a game that kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time.
See the Joy in his Face

Now Mike and I are new to this game and we may or may not have needed to ask the people behind us what the heck was going but never the least we enjoyed our self’s completely. 

Mike got his pay back from my little water polo incident….. Meet the Drill Crew. 
As Mike stated “That is some good, clean, family fun” (and yes he was quoting Dodgeball)

"I thought lacrosse was what you find in la church."  ~Robin Williams, 1982


  1. I think I need to come to a game with you sometime!!!
    funny about the drill crew.... ha ha... we need to find out when the water polo team will be at the pool again... and I'm coming with you :)