Monday, July 4, 2011

Fire and Water

Ok, its really smoke instead of fire but I thought “Fire and Water” sounded better. Anyway I went to another wonderful meetup. This time the focus was taking pictures of water drops and smoke from incenses. For the record this was waaaaay harder than I thought it would be. One of my problems (I had many throughout the night) was focusing. With the water drops, you had to be in focus before the drop got there otherwise you were too late! With the smoke I found it hard to see therefore hard to focus! And don’t even get me started on how long it took me to get the right setting for the smoke. Thank Heaven for all the wonderful people in this group they were so willing to help me before I throw my camera to the ground and called it a night. They gave me such wonderful tips and were so encouraging that I gave it a couple more tries. I did come away with a few shots that I was pleased with. I really wish I could show you the pictures from the other members of the group; they would make your jaw drop.

Anyway, here are my best pictures from the night. 

Buying a Nikon doesn't make you a photographer.  It makes you a Nikon owner. 
~Author Unknown


  1. ok well these made my jaw drop... you don't give yourself enough credit!!

  2. LOVE the first one, it would be beautiful blown up and framed!

    P.S. I'm your newest follower! :)

    xo Rachel @ The Inspired House of Wright

  3. Thank you for all the love and support!

  4. Beautiful pictures! You did a brilliant job! xoxoxoo