Saturday, August 27, 2011

Doggy Reunion

Today our story begins about a week or so ago at work when a co-worker brought her dog; of course I had to stop and pet the sweet thing (who happen to look just like my puppy). I finally got around asking,
“What kind of dog?” “Yorkshire Bichon cross” “I have one too!”
“How old is your dog?” “Seven months” “Me too!”
At this point I could believe all the similarities and I had to ask
“Where did you get your dog?” “Strathmore” 
“Oh my heavens! You’re kidding! Me Too!!!”
“From Michelle!?!” “Yes!”
The light bulbs went off in both our heads, our dogs were Sisters!!!! So a doggy reunion was set and I couldn’t be more excited! 

Yesterday was the big day. It was a bit of a shaky start; Yorkie was still a little upset from the car ride (she hates cars rides) so when Pia first arrived Yorkie was a little over whelmed. That quickly pasted and they were soon playing chase and play fight like the best of Sisters. Usually Yorkie takes bit to warm up to other dogs but that didn’t happen with Pia which really makes me think that they did remember each other. This just warms my heart. And yes I do realize that I might just be convincing myself of this fact but it is too much fun so I will continue to believe it.  

What really got me is how much they looked like each other; they even both had silver on the tops of their heads! So Cute! If Pia hadn’t had longer hair then Yorkie I think it would have been very hard to tell them apart.

I had so much fun and I can’t wait till we can meet up again. We even were starting to plan for a joint birthday party for when they turn one. I can picture it now little party hats, and doggy cake! Oh what fun!

Beast was there as well having all kinds of fun!
 "Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies."
- Gene Hill


  1. The dog on the right in the 3rd picture from the top looks like my dog, Asia :) Maybe she ran away for a few hours to play with your dog in the park and came back home.

  2. Awww they look so happy to see each other!! C: