Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Wonderful Wedding

On Saturday was my dear friend's wedding and it was wonderful! One of the best weddings I have been to besides mine of course ;)  Everything was so beautiful and everyone was laughing and smiling the whole night. It was amazing! I’m just so happy for the two of them and excited for their new adventure together to start.
Will the real JoDana please stand up! I would have taken a lot more picture by this wonderful mirror but for some silly reason JoDana had to go and say hello to other people ;)
 One of the most fantastic things is that the very talented JoDana pretty much made everything at the wedding herself! She is the kind of wonderful. She made the center pieces, which were lovely;

she made some outstanding hats for herself and her bridesmaids.

I feel like these pictures do not do these gorgeous hat justice
 She also made the groom’s and groom’s men boutonni√®res. Sadly I forgot to get a picture of those :(  And she made her own bouquet plus gorgeous felt flowers for her bridesmaid’s purse. Again I forgot to take pictures of those, what can I say, I was having way too much fun to be taking pictures!  JoDana did an amazing job and pretty much put any other wedding to shame. One of my favorite thing was the cake table, just was just beautiful and it had one of the sweetest touches I have ever seen. On the table was a picture of JoDana’s parents and Kelly’s parents both on their wedding days. I thought it was so sweet, I just loved it. I should also point out that JoDana’s mom made the cakes and they were delicious. I think we can see where all of JoDana’s talent comes from. 

 Besides the wonderful deco, the rest of the night was pretty fantastic as well! There the most beautiful harp solo done by one of JoDana’s cousins, it was just lovely. It made me think that if we all listen to a little more music played by a harp the world might be a little more of a peaceful place.  There were the heart moving speeches, the always funny shoes game, a toe tapping drum circle, and a photo booth which lead to all kinds of fun! To sum it all up the night was a huge success and if their wedding day is any indication of how their marriage will be, they are going to have one of the best marriages ever!!!

My Brother playing the drum

Here he is playing his elbows!?!?

I was very impressed when the groom used one of my favorite quotes in his speech.

Don't marry the person you think you can live with; 
marry only the individual you think you can't live without. 
                                                               James C. Dobson 


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