Monday, November 14, 2011

How Many More Days Till Christmas!?!?!

There is a over a month till Christmas and I have just put up my first Christmas decorations! I couldn't be more excited. Like most days I was wasting some time on pinterest, and I was inspired! I saw the cutest idea to hang some Christmas ornaments with ribbon in the window. The whole thing only took me about 10 minutes or so,  and it was so easy! The perfect type of craft for me!  Here is how it turned out.

I got the ribbon and ornaments from Costco

How it looks from the outside

How it looks from the inside
All I did was 1. Cut the ribbon different lengths
                      2. Tie the ornaments with a simple knot (I don't know any fancy knots)
                      3. Then with a push pin hung up the ribbon

And Done! And I feel all Martha Stewart like.

Mike thought it looked wonderful and yet in the same breath he said 
"You do know its November, right?"

"Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling."
~Edna Ferber~


  1. I love them!
    I was thinking the other day how lucky you are that Thanksgiving is in October for you, not November. The stores are full of decorations and playing Christmas music and not a soul seems to be thinking about Thanksgiving next week.

  2. Sorry if you get two comments from me... The first one kicked me out! I Love, LoVe, LOVE this idea! Pinterest has such great things! I've got my ornaments ready, I just need to buy some ribbon! And wil hopefully get them up today! Yours looks great!