Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flowers for Spring

I don't want to jinx anything but I feel spring is finally upon us! Honestly I think every season is exciting and wonderful in its own way. But there really is something special about spring. I feel its a wonderful time of year where the earth wakes up from its long wintertime slumber and begins to make all a new. I love seeing the new little bunnies,  the birds returning and those first few green blades of grass peeking their heads out of the ground.

To honour (or honor for my American friends) this time of year I made a spring time wreath.

I'd like to show you how I did it.

Things you will need:
A Glue Gun
A wreath (I got mine from Michael's)
Yarn (any colour you would like. I choose yellow)
Felt ( I had 4 different colours but its really all up to you)


Wrap the yarn around the wreathe . Its pretty simple but it does take some time, I used a few of my favorite tv shows to make the time go by faster. At the ends I glued the yarn down to keep everything in its place.


Now its the fun part, the flowers! Once again thanks to Pinterest I found some great tutorials on how to make some very cute and simple flowers. Go Here and Here to see them. 

This first little flower is very sweet and whimsical. The best part it was a breeze to make . 

1) Cut out a circle. Any size will do.

2) Cut the circle as you see in the picture below.

3) Now roll the felt up! The tutorial I read said to start from the outside and roll in so that the center of the circle would be glued as the back of the flower. But I forgot to do this as you can see from the picture I'm starting in the "wrong" spot. 

But as you can see in the end it worked out just fine and I had some lovely little flowers.
On to the next flower

First: cut out the petals. I cut out 6 big one and 6 little ones.
Second: At the flat part of the petal pinch it together and glue it. I added the second colour to give the flower a little more but you don't have to do this. It can just be one colour. On this part please be careful not to burn yourself. Sadly I did, many times 

Third: Cut a circle out and glue each of the petals to it.

 Fourth: And for me the best part! Adding a button to the middle!  I guess you don't have to have a button   but I don't think I could understand why you wouldn't want to!

And finally the last flower!

1) Cut out a bunch of little circles. I cut out 24 but in all honesty I didn't use them all. But no matter.

2) Cut out another bigger circle to be the back. Then glue away!

3) And of course at the end add a lovely button.

And now I have a lovely spring wreath!
 I should state that I glue a piece of ribbon to the back to use to hang it up.

Awake, thou wintry earth -

Fling off thy sadness!

Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth

Your ancient gladness!
~Thomas Blackburn, "An Easter Hymn"
Friday, March 16, 2012

Grateful ABC's

I was going through some old journals, note books, letters and such and I came across some lists I use to make. They were gratitude lists. What I would do is that at the end of the day I would take a minute and write down everything that I was grateful that day. Some times they were big things but most of the time they were small and wonderful things. When writing sometimes it would be related to something that happened that day,sometimes it was random just whatever popped in to my mind, other time I  had themes. One theme that I would do from time to time was the "ABC's". As I read over them I loved the flood of memories that came rushing back. I loved how on a day when I was feeling down, those list raised my spirits and helped remind me how truly blessed I am. With that in mind I thought I would start the tradition again.

Beast ( my dog)
Echo (my bird)
Jane Austen
Quite moments
Rockets (the candy)
Transfer belts
Yorkie (my dog)

Some pictures of a few things I'm so grateful for.