Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bed Time Stories

When I was about 12 or so, I discovered something wonderful. One of the local radio stations would play old radio shows from 10pm to midnight. These were the shows that played during the "Golden Age of Radio" from the early 1920 to mid-1950 when radio was the primary home entertainment.

I  fell in love  immediately. My favorite are the Detective shows, like " Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", "Boston Blackie", " Box 13" "Richard Diamond" and "Sam Spade". I loved the pictures they would paint.  I found it so amusing how the women always sounded so sexy and smooth. It made me laugh that the police, were often described as big and dumb, and they never could get anything done. It was always the strong and handsome detectives that would solved the case and somehow get the girl as well. 

They became my bedtime stories. I listened to them religiosity for years. I can't really recall why I stop listening to them. I think it was is because as I got older I often would be out with friends at that time. 

Recently I have starting tuning in to my old friends again. But instead of listening to them on a local radio station, I found an absolutely amazing website called Internet Archive, found here. Which has just thousands of radio shows all different types. Now to much of my delight I have my bed time stories back and I can listen to them every night on my iphone with headphones. 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Farewell to the Penny

The government of Canada is pulling the plug on the production of the of the penny. Saying that it costs more to make them then they are worth. Which I can understand and yet  I'll be sad to see them go.

When I was a child my Nana had a magical gold and red velvet box that was full of pennies. I longed for this box. It was so full of pennies that I couldn't even lift it and in my childhood mind that meant if I had it for my own I would be so rich! Now that I'm older I realize that wouldn't be quite true. Yet as an adult I still do wonderful silly things with my pennies. I will still use them to make a wish, and finding one on the ground still puts a little smile on my face thinking I'll have luck the rest of the day. I will miss the lovely sayings that the penny brings like, "A Penny for your thoughts", A Penny saved is a penny earned" and my favorite "cost (someone) a pretty penny" 

To honor those little cooper coins I have written a little limerick.

Farewell to my cooper penny,
I know I collect too many,
You once brought me luck,
The country thinks you suck,
Really I should have a twenty!