Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Away

This weekend Mike and I gave ourselves a four day long weekend in honor of our two year anniversary. We went to Waterton Nation Park, which is where we got married. This trip was our first time back since our wedding day. I just loved going back there, Waterton is such a majestic park and much more peaceful compared to Banff or Jasper. It really is a place that everyone must visit.

We set up camp at the Crandell campsite, which was a great campsite. It is set in a beautiful location with trees all around, you also have the mountain all around and something that was kind of fun is that there are deer running all around the site. It was the first I had seen a deer in a full run that close, I was in complete awe.

Mike's handy work 

Yes, he used duck tape! 
 At this point Mike wanted me to state that his duck tape rope 
worked perfectly, the whole weekend long!
This is how we start fires. 

Enjoying the fruits of his labour 
Our first day there we mostly walked around Waterton reminiscing about our wedding day. I will spare you all the mushy gushy details but it was wonderful going back to the spot where Mike and I were made husband and wife. I really enjoyed going over that day where I made the best decision of my life.

Awe, so cute!
Our first day there was also the day that we had the best wildlife sightings. We saw four bears! Yes, that's right I said FOUR bears. I can hardly believing it myself. The funny thing is that the whole trip down  Mike kept talking about how he was looking forward to seeing a bear again and in my mind I kept thinking "I doubt we'll see one, it doesn't happen every time we visit" Well boy did he prove me wrong. Our first sighting was two bears together in the middle of making a baby bear, the next bear we saw was on our way to our campsite and then the last sighting was back closer to town where the bear was just walking around on a hill just hanging out. I really could not get over the fact that we saw that many bears. I talked of nothing else for the rest of the day. Although I should state that I really think that the last bear we saw was the male bear we saw earlier that day with the female. Either way it was pretty amazing. 

Day number two we had some rain but during the moments that Mother Nature decided to stop crying we were able to visit Red Rock Canyon and  Blakiston Falls. Fun fact this was the spot that Mike and I had originally picked out to have our ceremony but due to construction we couldn't have it there. Oh well I really think it worked out for the best. Driftwood beach was a brilliant location.

Blakiston Falls
Our third day brought us the best weather, not too hot and not too cold but just right. This was also the day we did what Mike had been waiting for the whole trip, a canoe trip around Cameron Lake. Where at the far side of the lake one gets a quick passport free visit to the United States of America. It took us about 3 hours to go around the whole lake but I think that was mostly due to my lack of paddling and also me wanting to take a million pictures along the way. Mike was really good about the whole picture taking thing, he even would loving follow my directions on where to position the canoe so I could get in the perfect picture taking spot. Our lovely fur babies seem to enjoy the ride as well, although Beast did take a little longer to warm up to the whole idea.

Cameron Lake

After our boat ride I made Mike pose for a million more pictures at some of Waterton's hot spots. He was such a good sport about it all never complained once. 

Cameron Falls
For our finally day of holidays we decided that we would just pack up and go home in the morning and spend that rest of the day enjoying the luxuries of our home. Also known as blogging for me and for Mike re-watching the latest session of Top Gear. I was also really wanting to rid myself of the layers of dirt I had built up over the past few days. 

I really did have a outstanding time, it makes me wish that we took more time off, but on the positive note it means that this will be a really short work week. 

Well if you made it this far, Thank you so much for reading. 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. 


  1. Love how you start fires. Tim said it was pretty funny when I told him. You can get really dirty camping at that campground, but it's so worth it for the fires. One time we were coming back and I scratched my neck and the amount of dirt I had under my finger nails was disgusting. That was just 3 days and we broke into townsite to have a shower one day.

    Waterton is one of my favourite places on earth.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like you had an amazing time, and got some great photos too!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your anniversary is always a good reminder that mine is coming up, too! It just creeps up on me I hardly notice :)

    LOVE how you start fires. I thought it was a joke at first. Hilarious!