Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Be Prepared

I was raised with the belief that one should always be prepared wither that means having a 72 hours kit or bringing enough rain gear when going camping. Recently I have come to realize that there is one major area where I'm totally not prepared. A Zombie Apocalypse.

Zombies, UFOs, witches ... they've seen them all in Wales
I realized this because Mike and I have started watch a TV show called "The Walking Dead", a great show, but one that has now filled me with a burning desire to have a Zombie plan.

Ordinarily the idea of zombies comes from voodoo tradition were a person under goes zombification by a spell or potion and then would be a a slave to their zombie master. 


So I think the first thing on my "zombie preparation list" would be don't piss off any voodoo priest or priestess. If anything I need to make sure I am on their good side. 

Now if Hollywood is right and it is some sort of outbreak, my big concern is that I work in a hospital probably the worst place to be in an zombie outbreak. 

I brought up this fact up with my fellow co-workers in the hopes of coming up with some sort of group escape plan. 

A few things were decided in this discussion: one that if you get bitten you have to tell the group, hiding it would just be so wrong. Going along with that most people stated that if they did get bitten they would rather the group off them right away then turn in to a zombie UNLESS being a zombie wasn't that bad aka you could fall in love and make baby zombies.   

In the middle of discussing what items we could use as weapons and what supplies we would raid from the hospital, someone arrived at conclusion that I would be the first to get bitten because I expressed how guilt ridden I would feel about leaving the patients in such a predicament. She must have envisioned me going around to all the patients explaining why I had to leave them and then one of them shown me their gratitude by biting me. Not the escape plan I was hoping for.

So I guess in conclusion I really don't need to have a plan to survive the zombies but rather a plan not to get killed by humans. 

On a more pleasant note here is a short video of how wonderful being an zombie could be.

The Happy Dead from David Hiatt on Vimeo.


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