Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dog Agility

In our house we have two ridiculous little dogs although 
they are very cute and truth be told that's why we keep them around.  

Our first, Beast is the perfect lap dog. She would cuddle with you for hours if you would let her. My favorite part is that if you are willing she give you  the best foot messages by licking your toes all day long. Trust me it really is a little piece of heaven.
She is unbelievably sweet and cute. 
Those facts make up for her low IQ and random midnight barking at nothing.

Just look at that face, how can you not love her, she is our little cuddle bug. 
I couldn't image life without her. 

Then we have Little Yorkie, who is so smart and so full of life. She is always wanting to play with you and please you. She does such a brilliant job of living up to her Yorkshire Terrier heritage with all her underwear stealing, squirrel barking, bunny catching, garbage sniffing, and tremendous chewing. Yet when I look at her big pointy ears, her handsome brown eyes and that sweet little nose, my heart melts and I just can't help but love her more. 

Beside I didn't really need that pen, pencil  book, USB cord or pair of glasses that bad. 

In hopes of somewhat helping Yorkie expel some of that energy we signed her up for agility classes with Hyper Hounds.  Yorkie just loves going to class and she does such a great job at going through the course although she was a little slow at learning the tunnels. So much so that she almost didn't pass level one but on the last class she gathered all her courage and ran through those tunnels like nothing else mattered. made me so proud.

We start level two this Thursday and can't be more excited.

Maybe one Yorkie will be as good as this.


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