Thursday, November 15, 2012


Mike and I have been reading "The Wealthy Barber Returns" By David Chilton together over the past few weeks. We both have been enjoying the book and I love the discussion that follows as we share our thought on what we have just read.

Recently we read the chapter call "The Power of Perspective". For me, this chapter has had the most impact so far.

The following quote is from the chapter,

"Bluntly, too often we treat the non-possession of what most of the world, would consider an extreme-luxury item as an unjust deprivation.

Is it really that big a deal that your friend at work has a 32-jet, six person hot tub and you don't? Nine hundred million people across the globe don't have ongoing access to safe drinking water.

Frustrated that you can't locate a high-speed wireless connection? Remind yourself that more then a billion people don't have electricity.

Annoyed that you don't have stainless-steel appliances? Keep in mind that one in six people in the world goes to bed hungry every night.

Our pets live more comfortably than half the Earth's population, for heaven's sake.

We obsess so much about what we don't have that it affects our ability to enjoy what we do have."

The above statement called me to reflect on my own thoughts and actions regarding material possessions. Do I have a balanced perspective on this subject? Truth be told I shamefully admit that I tend towards the always wanting more. Especially when it comes to anything to do with photography. There is always another lens, lighting set up, or editing program that I drool over.

camera source
I need to remember that I'm truly abundantly blessed with much more then I need.

I have no problem getting food everyday, and yet I complain that I have to drive to more then one store to get exactly what I want.

I have a closest full of nice clothes and every morning "I have nothing to wear!"

I have a television, internet, a smartphone and a million books yet I will complain of being bored.

Sadly I'm very guilty of having an unrealistic perspective and forgetting what truly is important in life.

I have a most beloved husband and family that are always there for me.
I have some beautiful friendships with people who are more dear to me then all the precious stones.
I have the two cutest dogs, who each hold some magic power to always be able to put a smile on my face no matter how I'm feeling.

I'm so blessed to have every single basic need of life met; food, clothes, shelter and water.  I never worry or wonder how I get those items. To be honest I don't even think about them. They are so easily available to me.  Moreover I have so many of my wants fulfilled. 

I find it necessary to change my thought process, I need to continually be aware of how blessed I truly am. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend from the IPhone

Mike and I had a wonderful long weekend together. 
We did nothing overly spectacular. 
For me, what made it truly wonderful is that it didn't involved  the big black box on the wall.

Then I took today off and gave myself an extra long weekend. 
Which I spoiled myself  a little and sprinkled in some responsibility. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Personal Profile

At work they about a month or so ago they had a us take a personalty test by Insights. Then on Tuesday we had a day retreat where we spent the day going over the results, and seeing how it was a work retreat we discussed how the results can relate to our patients and co-workers.

 At the retreat they said that this personal profile "Describes You NOT Defines You".
They didn't want us to feel that we were being out into a box.
Yet when I read over mine, it was unreal how right on it was.
To much of my surprise I was really over come with emotion and had to fight back the tear that were filling my eyes, as to not embarrass myself in front of my co-workers.
It was really quite unnerving.
Nothing was said that I didn't agree with, even when I wished that it wasn't true.
I'm also very grateful and humbled that they did such a
good job at putting a very positive spin on all my short comes.
The opportunity for real true self-reflection over the next days and weeks is truly a blessing. 

I thought it would be interesting to share it with all of you.
Maybe you will disagree with it or maybe you like my dear husband, will laugh and tease me on how many times they brought up my stubbornness.
The thing I try and hide so well obviously I don't do as good of a job as I thought.

I typed it just as it was given to me.

Personal Style

Traditions are important to Elva and are carefully remembered and observed. She may underestimate herself and either takes anything she does well for granted, or regards it as no great achievement at all. Elva is a steady individual who leads a quiet stability to everything. Due to her sociable, friendly and warm-hearted demeanor  she is best employed in providing practical service to others. She can adapt herself to a wide variety of tasks, but prefers the familiar.

She is more comfortable with people who are prepared to take the time to get to know her and understand her inner drives. Her work has to contribute to things that matter to her and she tends towards perfectionism only when she cares deeply enough. She may have difficulty asserting herself and in saying "No". She likes system, order and few surprises and to work in an environment which she feels is secure. She tends to take the things she does well for granted and usually underrates and understates herself.

She tends to be there when she is needed, offering low-key stability and strength to people and situations in need  It is when she is committed to an objective or an ideal that may be undergoing change that her stubbornness emerges and she can become rigid and much more demanding of self and others. She can complete practical tasks and do repetitive work effectively. Elva is sympathetic, emphatic and affable. She is easy-going and low key and may be prone to doubting her own ability. 

Elva is seen by others as open, mild, modest and rather self-effacing. In everyday activities, Elva it tolerant, open-minded, flexible and adaptable, enjoying the present moment. Elva tends to be at her most flexible, adaptable and easy-going in everyday living, preferring to fit in harmoniously with those around her. She gravitates to other people and is highly skilled at understanding others' needs and motivations, usually appearing friendly, tactful and sympathetic. Finding it hard to understand why some others try to impose limits, order and structure upon others', she avoids attempting to change or control people. 

She is seen by some as a dreamer whose genius, caring and concern can be manipulated. She is gently forceful in having her ideas applied where it matters to her. She is loyal, supportive, idealistic and creative. Although she has a tendency to undertake too much, somehow everything gets done in its own time. Elva knows what is important to her and protect it at all costs. Tenacious persistence and dedication to a cause are her character hallmarks. She may not readily talk of her need to move continually to become who she really wants to be.

Interacting with Others

Elva values harmony. She is essentially a peace keeper and is very sensitive to others' needs.She has a great deal of personal warmth but may not show it until she knows a person well. She often thinks she could have done better in an encounter or relationship. She can be unbelieving of, and devastated by, too much personal criticism. Unpleasant working relationships can lead her to confidence and motivation. She tends to value others but may adopt a romantic, idealized version of people and their potential.

Elva is alert to other peoples' emotions and interests and can deal well with complex or complicated people. She tends to avoid conflict rather than engage it with creative solutions. Compassion, caring, warmth and contented relationships are important to her. Situations that find her in charge as autocratic leader do not usually suit her as she prefers to be more supportive than directive. She has a natural ability to switch her behavior between feelings that are shared and those that are private in an effort to relate.

If she feels she is being put under too much pressure, she may dig her heels in and become stubborn. She is seen by most people as kind and sympathetic. She abhors a lack of caring in others, and working with people who lack a desire to support and assist others can cause her concern. Sincere feedback from others is required to help her maintain motivation and her level of service. When her loyalties and values are threatened, she can become very stubborn, rigid and demanding.

Decision Making

Open-minded, curious and insightful, Elva has excellent long-range vision and sensitivity. She may choose to change her decisions if it turns out that someone may be adversely affected by them. She may worry too much, and on significant long term issues may exhibit indecision. Work, for her is the process of striving towards something that matters deeply to her and is consistent with her values. She has little desire to impress, control or dominate others, apart from maintaining a commitment to her values and her work.

She can be self-effacing and accommodating and is usually content to support others emotionally without expecting to much in return. She takes a personal approach to living, assessing events through the personal values and ideals which govern her life. She is not usually prepared to commit to high risk decisions. She will tend to be concerned with the effect that the decision making process and its result, will have on others. Elva will usually encourage democratic or even consensus decisions, as opposed to having them imposed autocratically. 

She tends to make choices around her own personal feelings which may be as important to her as more objective data. She may prefer at times to communicate her feelings about others in writing, rather than verbally. Elva creates a pleasant, flexible and accepting environment and will regard an emergency situation as an opportunity to display her helping gifts. Elva is good at easing tense situations, enabling competing or conflicting groups to unite. Her natural leadership style is to resist change for change's sake and to slow down impulsive decision making. 

Elva's Key Strengths

  • Modest and friendly with those she knows.
  • Makes time for people and their problems
  • Can facilitate resolution of interpersonal conflict between others
  • Highly effective where consistent performance is required
  • Open-minded and tolerant of others
  • Likes to work for the common good
  • Solid organisational abilities
  • Sensitive to the needs of others
  • Happy to serve and help others
  • Understanding, friendly and warm hearted.
Elva's Possible Weaknesses

  • Preserves relationships - can interfere with task completion
  • May avoid resolving tough issues
  • A lack of confidence in her own judgement, although that judgement is often correct
  • May unwillingly sacrifice her own needs for others
  • Ignores objective, evidence which does not support her original perception
  • May feel deflated if her efforts are not recognized
  • Was once indecisive, but she is not so sure now!
  • A tendency to give up easily when she feels isolated
  • May find it difficult to suggest more effective systems and procedures to others
  • Seems to lack drive or initiative when pressured
If you made it this far, Thank you! 
I must say that when I read over this it feels a little bit creep. 
It's like instead of just taking a test, they sent spies out to find out all my secrets.    
And now you know my secrets as well.