Thursday, November 15, 2012


Mike and I have been reading "The Wealthy Barber Returns" By David Chilton together over the past few weeks. We both have been enjoying the book and I love the discussion that follows as we share our thought on what we have just read.

Recently we read the chapter call "The Power of Perspective". For me, this chapter has had the most impact so far.

The following quote is from the chapter,

"Bluntly, too often we treat the non-possession of what most of the world, would consider an extreme-luxury item as an unjust deprivation.

Is it really that big a deal that your friend at work has a 32-jet, six person hot tub and you don't? Nine hundred million people across the globe don't have ongoing access to safe drinking water.

Frustrated that you can't locate a high-speed wireless connection? Remind yourself that more then a billion people don't have electricity.

Annoyed that you don't have stainless-steel appliances? Keep in mind that one in six people in the world goes to bed hungry every night.

Our pets live more comfortably than half the Earth's population, for heaven's sake.

We obsess so much about what we don't have that it affects our ability to enjoy what we do have."

The above statement called me to reflect on my own thoughts and actions regarding material possessions. Do I have a balanced perspective on this subject? Truth be told I shamefully admit that I tend towards the always wanting more. Especially when it comes to anything to do with photography. There is always another lens, lighting set up, or editing program that I drool over.

camera source
I need to remember that I'm truly abundantly blessed with much more then I need.

I have no problem getting food everyday, and yet I complain that I have to drive to more then one store to get exactly what I want.

I have a closest full of nice clothes and every morning "I have nothing to wear!"

I have a television, internet, a smartphone and a million books yet I will complain of being bored.

Sadly I'm very guilty of having an unrealistic perspective and forgetting what truly is important in life.

I have a most beloved husband and family that are always there for me.
I have some beautiful friendships with people who are more dear to me then all the precious stones.
I have the two cutest dogs, who each hold some magic power to always be able to put a smile on my face no matter how I'm feeling.

I'm so blessed to have every single basic need of life met; food, clothes, shelter and water.  I never worry or wonder how I get those items. To be honest I don't even think about them. They are so easily available to me.  Moreover I have so many of my wants fulfilled. 

I find it necessary to change my thought process, I need to continually be aware of how blessed I truly am. 


  1. Great reminder Elva. It reminds of this clip I saw a while ago- some comedian on the Conan O'Brian show was talking about how everything is amazing and nobody's happy. It was hilarious, but thought provoking too. Cellphones, planes, computers, leisure time, tv's and movies- we do have a lot of luxury.

  2. Thanks for this Elva! Great perspective!