Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Review

At the end of each year the world takes a moment and reflects on the days gone by. Often in the form of a top ten list, whether it is the top news stories, movies, cars or weather storms someone has made a list of the top ten for 2012. So with all those lists swirling around my mind, I tried to reflect on what the top ten moments for Mike and I were for 2012.

And here is what we came up with,

Number 10 - Both Mike and I had the same good jobs for all of 2012. Now that may sound a little boring but in a time were there are lots of people looking for work this really is a blessing.   

Number 9 - Yorkie started her agility classes and she has been doing so good and we are both enjoying them a lot. 

Number 8 - I turned thirty this year and although I'm not so trilled about it. It is kind of a big moment in ones life.

Number 7 - New toys for my camera. I got a beautiful new len and some wonderful lighting equipment in 2012 which I was and am so happy about.

Number 6 -  Mike finished and passed his 3rd year of Carpentry. Now he only has one more year to go which is very exciting.

Number 5 - Pinterest has pretty much taken over my life and I am now a much improved cook and crafty person because of that web site.

Number 4 - Live Theater, we had quite a few opportunity to go some wonderful performances  this year. And I truly hope that 2013 brings more that type of entertainment our way.

Number 3 - Mike had his first full season of motorbike riding in 2012, which brought him much joy. So much in fact, that for Christmas he brought me a motorbike as well so in 2013 I can experience that joy with him.

Number 2 - In 2012 we celebrated our 2 wedding anniversary. We had a lovely time going back to Waterton, which is were we got married. We had spent time reminiscing about our past year together and our wedding day. And we also looked forward to the many more anniversaries we will celebrate together.

Number 1 - It would have to be our camping trips whither we go just the two of us or with friends we always have so much fun and just love the chance to get away from the city and enjoy nature.

We did have a pretty good year in 2012. For us this past year wasn't really full of any major highs but thankfully we didn't have any major lows as well. I'm sure that 2013 will bring us a few more highs seen how now both Mike and I have motorbikes.

Wishing You and Your Family A Happy and Healthy 2013


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