Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Cautionary Tale

I watched the man quickly cross over the slushy pavement; he recklessly disobeyed the warning of the orange ominous hand. "Do not cross", it screamed at me and yet that man laughed in it's face yelling to the world "I make my own rules". 

I wonder am I a coward? Do I miss that train of opportunity because I will not throw caution to the wind? Maybe I could make it if I go now. Slowly I move to the edge of the corner wondering if this next step will lead me to glory or send me to my maker. The fear begins to fill me, what if the light changes, then the four wheeled beasts will charge towards me.  

No, I must wait. The friendly silhouette of the walking man finally showed his welcoming face, I felt a sense of relive, now it is my turn. I can safely cross. 

As I walked up the train platform I saw in the distance that same impatient man sitting with cigarette clinging to his lips, waiting for the same train as me. I smiled; he is no better off in this race called life. 

In fact because of his hast he missed the smile a stranger freely shared, and he lost that moment to watch the sun fight through the clouds. Yes, Maybe I am a little over cautious at times and yes, I do often feel that rules help keep me safe but I do not miss out on any opportunities because of that in fact I may see more because I'm willing to wait.

An addendum to my cautionary tale, later that afternoon I found myself with a transit ticket that had expired by only 30 minutes. In a moment of rebellion I thought “It’s only 30 minutes and I'm so close to my stop surly I'll be okay to ride just two stops out of the free zone.” But the power of the ticket box pulled me in and a grudgingly give my 3 dollars to the system. And as fate would have it just one stop out of the free zone the transit police were out in full force and asked to see my ticket.  Another sense of relive rushed through me, I was safe. I could go home and greet my husband with a smile and a kiss instead of a 250 dollar fine.


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