Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photography Class

So I decided to take a photography class at Mount Royal University in their Continuing Education Department.

A few reasons why I signed up for another photography class are;

1) Learning is Fun! So another class is always wonderful.

2) I have a growing to desire to complete the Photography certification that Mount Royal University offers
3) I have pretty much already failed at my 52 project aka I haven't put any effort into it. So this class is my way of telling myself that I'm still follow the "spirit" of the goal which was to continue to improve my photography. So I tell myself  it's okay that I didn't do the exact goal, I'm close enough.

So anyway as part of this class we have to do assignments each week. This weeks assignment was to take a series of photos that demonstrates aperture as well as have a correct and consistent exposure by your in camera light meter. As well we had to save them as a jpeg file and no photoshop.

And in class we share our photos in class and the teacher as well as my fellow classmate can comment or ask questions.

So I thought I would share!

When we went through mine in class the teacher did say too much about them, he mostly talked about how because I used my prime lens I was able to have a wider aperture then most in the class.

So I would love to hear you feedback! What do you like? What don't you like?
I would love to hear from you!


  1. Nice! I like your lego city. That chickman is a little creepy, though, esp. in the one when everyone else is blurry... like were focusing on him cause he's about to do something crazy... :)

    1. Thanks! With the chicken pictures I did want it to be a little ominous feeling, so I'm glad you thought that when looking at them. Thanks for reading and commenting! :)