Monday, April 8, 2013

White Balance

I know I'm a little slow in post this, but it's last better late then never.

The assignment this time was all about white balance.

For those of you who unfamiliar with white balance, it is how the camera adjusts to the color cast that different light sources produce. Our eyes automatically adjust to the different color casts but as our cameras are not as sophisticated we need to choose different settings.

At Digital Photography School website I found a good little summary on the different white balance settings.

Auto – this is where the camera makes a best guess on a shot by shot basis. You’ll find it works in many situations but it’s worth venturing out of it for trickier lighting.

Tungsten – this mode is usually symbolized with a little bulb and is for shooting indoors, especially under 
tungsten (incandescent) lighting (such as bulb lighting). It generally cools down the colors in photos.

Fluorescent – this compensates for the ‘cool’ light of fluorescent light and will warm up your shots.

Daylight/Sunny – not all cameras have this setting because it sets things as fairly ‘normal’ white balance settings.

Cloudy – this setting generally warms things up a touch more than ‘daylight’ mode.

Flash – the flash of a camera can be quite a cool light so in Flash WB mode you’ll find it warms up your shots a touch.

Shade – the light in shade is generally cooler (bluer) than shooting in direct sunlight so this mode will warm things up a little.

I thought it would be interesting to show you my pictures. They are pretty straight forward and all of the same subject matter. The only diffidence is that they are all taken with different white balance setting. I thought it was nice to show them side by side so you can see the impact that the white balance can have on a photo. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Family Ties

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend. For us, we were able to travel up to see my parents and brothers. It was a lovely weekend full of food and laughs.

One thing we spent a lot of time doing was our family history. It all began a few weeks ago when Mike signed up to I could not believe that he would sign up for something like that all I could only shack my head but I'm now so happy that we have it. 

Before we headed out I had warned my Mother that she need to get her family history together so that I could add it to my tree. And thankfully someone in her family had done a lot of work so I could add a lot of people. One of the lines went all the way back to the 1500 in Sweden.

It felt so amazing reading those names and get a small glimpse in the their lives. I tried to imagine what their lives would have been like. Most of the ancestries that I added were farmers and in my mind's eye I could see how hard they must of worked to plant and grow their crops.

I added the names of Mothers who lost not one but two or three children as babies or as young children. I can not even begin to imagine they pain they must of felt  again and again after burying their little ones. I think they must have been amazingly strong women as I could imagine that they could not take much time to grieve for their loss because they had other little mouths to feed. They needed to just wipe away the tears and get back to work.

Many of them gave up everything they had to come to North America in search of a better live. One ancestor was a son of a wealthy Land Barron and when he expressed a desire to come to this new land his Father told he would disown him if he left, he came here anyway.

I feel so blessed to live in this time with so many great technological and medical advantages. I live in this great country with freedoms and rights, and I have all of this because of those who came before me.

What are your family stories?

 I would love to hear where your ancestors came from.

Thank you so much for reading.