Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pregnancy Story

I thought I would share a few of the ups and downs we have had in our pregnancy so far.

First off finding out that we were pregnant was definitely one of the happiest moments of our marriage.  We were struggling with infertility and were beginning to wonder if we would ever be able to have a child. When I finally did see those two little lines on that pee stick, I was in shock! That second line had never shown up before! I didn't really know what to do at first. Eventually I ran to Mike to tell him the good news. We were just over the moon. We could finally start talking about and planing for this baby that we had wanted and waited for.

We were in heaven for about 8 weeks just enjoying that wonderful thoughts of  having a sweet little baby of our very own. We started thinking about names, buying books and doing all those things newly pregnant couples do.

Then it started to crumble down, I started bleeding and even pasted a few blood clots. I thought I was losing the baby, all I could do was sit on the toilet and cry. I wasn't home when this happened so I had to pull myself together and get home to Mike. I made it home fine but thinking back I should have never drove, as I was crying the whole way home.

Poor Mike had to piece together what was happening though my sobs. He thought it was best that I call the Alberta Health Link and see what they said. The lady I spoke to was very kind and understanding.  In the end she told me to go to the ER and get all checked out, which I guess I could have done from the start  but I wasn't really thinking straight at that moment.

We spent just over 6 hours in the ER where they examined me, took my blood, did an ultrasound and made us wait forever! And in the end we were told that I did not lose the baby it was still there and even had a good strong heartbeat. We both breathed a big sigh of relieved but we had to speak to the Doctor before we could go. That was a few more hours of waiting. When we did see the Doctor she told us that although the baby was fine at the moment, I did have a large (as in more the 50% the size of the placenta) subchorionic hemorrhage. Basically a bleed between the placenta and the uterus. We were told that due to it size there was a pretty big chances of it detaching the placenta which where obviously the baby would not survive.  Mike also remembers her saying that I was more likely to miscarry then give birth to this baby. I don't remember her saying that probably because I was too busy sobbing.

We were crushed, the dream of growing our family was beginning to fade.

The next day I had a follow up appointment with my family doctor were she told us at this point there was nothing we could do, all we could do is wait and see what happened. She was honest and told us that at the moment things did not look good and we needed to be prepared for the worse but that we could still hope for the best. Our hearts were broken. I didn't go to work for that week as I pretty much broke down. Mike stayed home Monday to be with me. He was so strong during this whole thing, he truly is the best husband a girl could ask for.

So we waited and let me tell you waiting is the worst! And the fact we could to nothing made things even harder. We waited and waited, and with each week that past we started to get a little more hopeful that things would be alright.

We made it to our 12 week ultrasound which made us feel good. In fact in the ultrasound we got to see our little baby literally jumping around in the womb which was just amazing and put us back on cloud 9. The bad news that the subchorionic hemorrhage was still there and in fact grew bigger. Our happiness balloon deflated just a little, But the image of our sweet baby jumping up and down filled us with so much joy that we didn't really think too much about the other news. The ultrasound tec was also really sweet and said that everything else had grown as well so the subchorionic hemorrhage just stretched out to match. I didn't know if she really knew what she was talking about but it made me better so I went with it.

A few  more weeks pass by, a had another appointment with my family doctor where she finally said that she felt the baby was now viable! Which was wonderful news! It was another step in the right direction and made us feel that we had past another hurled. She did tell me that I was still a high risk for losing the baby but that we were beating the odds.  At this point she also referred me on to a obgyn.

And once again we waited a few more weeks. We waited till I was about 20 weeks the half way mark, this is the point we had been waiting for because back when I was in the ER, we were told that if we made it to 20 weeks everything would be okay.

And when I meet with the obgyn that is pretty much what he said! He told me that we were in the clear and everything was fine. I almost didn't believe him and had to ask a few more times just to make sure that he really understood what my situation was. Again he reassured me that at this point the baby was fine and that is was more of a risk in early pregnancy but I was way past that point so it would be okay. I was in shock! We had gone from a huge dark cloud hanging over us to nothing but rainbows and butterflies!

I really didn't realize how stressed and worried I was about losing the baby  till I didn't have to worry about it anymore. It was the greatest feeling in the world. And what made everything a million times better is that just two days after that appointment we had another ultrasound were we not only learned that we were going to have a lovely little girl but that the subchorionic hemorrhage was gone! My body had done its job and healed up nicely.

That really was the best day ever!

Now I only have the second half of my pregnancy to go. I'm really looking for to the weeks to come, which will be filled with a lot more joy and excitement then the first half. With me now being able to feel our little girl kick, I can't help but smile each and every time and think that soon I will be able to kiss and tickle those little feet.

I feel truly blessed to have had this turn around in our pregnancy.  I know that we are very fortunate to have had things work out so well for us, and I know that sadly many people have had to go through the pain and sorrow of having a miscarriage and losing a much wanted baby. And my heart goes out to them because I know the pain I felt must only have been a fraction of what they would have had to go through.

I'm also very grateful for our friends and family who were there for us and supported us every step of the way. They sent us so many positive thoughts and prays which truly helped us stay positive. I really feel they helped make things a lot easier for us, for I believe that when they would listen to our pain they were able to take a little bit of that pain away and give us some much need relief and hope. We are so luckily to have such great friends and family.

Can January come any faster!?!?

Look at that cute little nose! 


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