Monday, December 30, 2013

A Birthday and Christmas

Over the past few weeks we have had a lot to celebrate. 

First being my wonderful husband's birthday. Which we celebrated his way by doing nothing! He doesn't really get the whole celebrate a birthday thing, to him it is just another day. (truth be told he feels that way about most holidays) Anyway, we spent most of his birthday watching whatever he wanted to, which equaled mostly car shows and the Superman Movie "Man of Steel". And ordering in from our favorite East Indian restaurant. I did still make him a cake, one just can't go a birthday without some sort of special treat. All in all I think he enjoyed his very low key relaxing birthday.

One year Older and Wiser too!

Next up, Christmas! Which was wonderful. Christmas day we spent the morning together just Mike and I. We did our little gift exchanged and laughed as we watched ours dogs try and open their little gifts. I couldn't help but think of next Christmas when our little baby girl will be with us and we get the joy of watching her opening her Christmas gifts. I really can't wait.

Can't have Christmas without Christmas pj's

Yorkie clawing her way to her gift

Mike's gift, Books to read to our baby
Then we went over to Mike's parents and spent the rest of the day with Mike's family. There we got to have some wonderful family time and we greatly enjoyed watching our little nieces and nephews play with their Christmas gifts.

And of course we held true to Mike's time honored Christmas tradition of watching "The Muppet's Christmas Carol". Always a most do in our household. 

It really was a lovely day and I really enjoyed the time we spent with family.

Mike's Family 
With Christmas Mike and I take turns on who's family we spend Christmas day with, this year it was Mike's family's turn so what we would normally do is go up around the New Year to spend time with my family. But with it been pretty close to when baby could be making her entrance, I really didn't feel comfortably driving up this year. 

So instead my family were able to drive down and spend some time with us. Which was really lovely. Again when I think about it we didn't really do much, just spend time together as family, played a few games, and watched a few movies. Really just some low keys things, and yet I really enjoyed our time together and was so glad that they were able to all come down and see us.

My family

We really had really enjoyable Christmas holidays and we are so fortunate that we could spend it with our families.  


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