Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It has been about 6 months in the making but we have finally made it and are now in our new house!

We started packing about a month before our move so I have been living with boxes and what feel like chaos for a little too long for my liking and truth be told with all the unpacking that now needs to be done, I have a feeling that chaos will be around for a little bit longer. 

She didn't really help with any of the packing for some reason ;)

I just need to keep telling myself, "New House, New House" and no more living under the nosiest people ever! So all the packing and unpacking is worth it.

We first did what I call a mini move on the 16th the day we first possession. We thought it might be easier for Mike to finish things up without Rose or I getting in the way. And I think we were just a little too excited to be in our new home. So for four days it kind of felt like we were "camping" in our own home.

Then on the weekend it was finally the big move. I didn't  really doing much of the actual moving, Thank goodness! It's like I planned being pregnant at the perfect time. 

I just sat in a chair and told people were to put things. It was the best move I have ever been a part of! 

Now if only I didn't have to worry about the unpacking part. 

I'm just super glad that Mike has a lot of good friends and family who were willing to come out and help with this move. With all the help it sure made things go pretty smoothly. Only one hole in the wall thanks to a wonderful brother in law ;)

We are just loving being in our new home. And are looking forward to spending many wonderful years here.

First day in our new home and she decides to surprise us and shows us she can climb stairs without ever seeing them before. 

She loves having so much more room to crawl around and make me chase her all day long!

Friday, December 5, 2014

10 Months

My Sweet Little One,

This months has been filled with lots of laughter and tears.

The tears mainly come for all the teeth that decided to make their appearance this month. All four of your upper front teeth showed up, and your third bottom tooth started to cut through your gums. Although has not popped all the way through yet. All those teeth must have given you a pretty sore little mouth, which seem to hit you the worst in the afternoon because it seems because all month you have really struggled with your afternoon nap. You either do not take one at all or only sleeping for a very short time. Which lead to a lot of "fun" evening with a very overtired baby. Thankfully it seem like the worst is behind us as you are now back on track with your afternoon naps. Which leads to a very happy Mommy and baby.

The crazy thing is the even though your struggled with that one nap, this month you have done so well with going down for the night. Maybe because you were so tired due to no afternoon nap. This month we stopped your one night time feed, which was a lot easier then I though it would be. And very shortly after we stopped that you have been sleeping all through the night! (which means 10 to 12 hours) It has been amazing, and I'm hoping that this is now the new normal because it will make life a lot easier when your little baby sister arrives and I only have to deal with her at night and not you as well. Fingers Crossed!!

You waved Hi at the correct time for the first time this month and of course it was for Daddy. But now you are very good at this and seem to love to wave at everyone and will even wave to Nana on Skype. You also enjoy waving to yourself and will turn your hand so you can see you palm and then you will give yourself a few little waves. It is too cute as you seem to find it a little too funny and will sweetly laugh to yourself.

We are now working on you waving good bye at the correct time.

You continue to crawl all over the place and have no problem going to sitting to standing. You have started to crawl over things like pillows and piles of blankets. Daddy's legs being your favorite.

You have started to let go and try standing on your own, you don't really have the hang of it yet as you can only stay standing for a few seconds before landing on your bum.

I was saying to your Father that it seems like this month (and last month as well really) you have finally come in to your own and have really come out of your shell and become a very smiley happy baby. It may have taken you a while to get here, but that seems to be your personality. When we go somewhere new you will take your time check everything out and when you are ready you happily go off on your own and find something to explore or play with.

It has been so much fun seeing your personality come through. And like always I look forward to see you continue to grow into a beautiful little girl both on the inside and outside.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baby's 1st Halloween

I think this Halloween was one of my favorites.
 First, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Normally Halloween is snow day for us, but luckily not this year!

Second, having a fun family themed costumes was a little too much fun for me.

Third, going trick or treating with two of the cutest nephews.

And fourth, finally finding a pumpkin seed recipes that both Mike and I were really happy with.

I'm already looking forward to next year. And yes, I already have a plan for next years costumes ;)

The cutest little "helper"

It was tough get her whole face with that big belly of a soccer ball in the way :)

Even the dogs joined in the fun

Saturday, November 1, 2014

9 Months

How did we get here so fast! These past 9 months have really just flown by. I feel like this month you have come a long way in your growth and development.

You have improved so much with your gross motor skills. When crawling you have become more coordinated and a lot faster. Which leaves me chasing after you so much more and trying to find ways to keep you contained in one safe area without you finding someway of getting out.

Also this past month you discovered how much fun it was to pull yourself up and stand. In fact you thought it was so fun that for most of the month you decided that it wasn't that important to learn how to go from a crawl to sitting fully on your own.  It wasn't till 5 days before your 9 month mark that you finally went to a crawl to sit all by yourself. Your Father and I find it a little funny that when sitting you are still a little wobbly but when standing you seem to have no problem. From standing you learned very quickly how to get yourself back to a crawl after getting yourself "stuck" in a standing position one to many times. You are defiantly going to have super strong legs with all the squats you end up doing in a day. Now if we only could get your core just as strong, I'm sure you'll be walking in no time! ;)

This month you have shown us what a determined little girl you are by throwing your first temper tantrum. Up to this point you have only cried when you had a need to be filled, being hungry, tried, uncomfortable, scared and things like that. Otherwise you really have been a very contain little girl. Well those days are now over as is seems like a light has gone off in your brain and you realized that you can turn your sweet little voice into a deafening banshee cry to show your displeasure. So far your tantrums have all been about the fact that I will not let you put certain things in your mouth like butter knifes, the metal lock thing on shopping carts, and the tv remote just to name a few. I will continue to not let you put things like that in your mouth and I'm sure you will continue to show me your displeasure. I'm also sure that there will be other things that will come up as time goes by that I will not let you do and you will not be happy about it but that is my job as your Mother to keep you safe from harm and to teach you how to become a lovely grown women.

Also this month you have decides that your car seat is the devil's own torture devise. Every time I go to put you in your seat you will arch your back and scream as if I was doing you serious harm. (I'm sure people walking by think that) Some days I avoided going out just so I don't have to have a wrestling match with you.

It has been so much fun with your learning how to express yourself this month. 

Like always it is so much fun to watch you learn and grow and I look forward to seeing all the things you will learn and do next month.

This month was pretty hard to get a picture, you just wanted to get up and crawl around. 
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giving Thanks and A Gender Reveal

This past weekend was Thanksgiving (for us in Canada anyway). It really was a gorgeous weekend with all the trees wearing their fall colours so beautifully and the weather even cooperated as well giving us some very nice fall days.

We spent the weekend with my family. It was a weekend full of good food, games and lots of oohs and aahs over Rose and every little thing she does.

We arrive somewhat early Friday afternoon and were able to relax and make some plans for the weekend.

For Saturday we decided that we would head over to the Telus Space and Science Center for the Grand Opening of their Indiana Jones exhibit. It was soooo good, I just loved every minute of it. One reason may be because I have a huge crush on Harrison Ford. Mike loves to bug me about it because of how old he is now but in my books he is as good looking as ever.

Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.jpgHarrison Fords Jules Verne Award.JPG

Anyway it really was a great exhibit even besides the fact that there were tons of pictures of My Love Harrison Ford. There was lots to look at and it was a very interactive, which is always fun. So if you happen to be in Edmonton in the next few weeks I would strongly suggest you check it out. We all had a lot of fun.

 Now although every year I seem to say the same things that I'm thankful for it doesn't make it any less true.  I'm grateful for the wonderful family I have and was so blessed to have Rose join our us this year. She brings me such joy and happiness, my love for her grows each and every day. I'm also very grateful to have learned that our family will be grow by another beautiful baby in 2015. I already love baby #2 so much, March can not come soon enough. And of course there is my wonderful husband who is such a blessing and strength to me. He has exceeded my expectations in every way on what type of Father he would be. He is so willing to help out with Rose and I love to watch him play and interact with her. And I know that Rose feels the love he has for her because she always saves her biggest and best smiles for Mike when he comes home. I feel so blessed in so many way in my life, I often wondered why I'm so lucky in the life when there are so many around the world are in need of the basic necessities to live. And although I do not have an answer to that question, it reminds me on how grateful I need to before all that I have and how fortunate I true am.

Enjoying the wonderful Thanksgiving Meal

Being very serious as she entertains us after dinner

Now before we drove up to Edmonton we had my  20ish week ultra sound. So we were able to find out if we were having a little boy or a little girl. With this baby I kept go back and forth if I would like a girl or boy. With Rose I just wanted a baby that I really didn't care either way, but with baby #2 I have thought about it a lot more.

When we first found out I was pregnant I thought I would like a girl, that way Rose could have a little sister to play with. Then Mike started to think that it was going to be a boy because everything about this pregnancy was so different then with Rose, that it must mean it was a boy. So I started thinking about how much fun a little boy would be. That when it came time for the ultra sound I really didn't care either way I just wanted to make sure our little baby had a nice strong heart beat. Which it did and really that is what truly matters. So I can add one more thing to my grateful list.

 So as you can see we are very excited to announce that we are have another lovely little girl and we just couldn't be happier!

I'm so glad that Rose will get a have a sister and all the love and joy that comes from that.

Can March come any sooner!?!?!

8 Months

My Sweet Angel,

8 months, I really can't believe that it has been a whole eight months since you entered our lives. And such a blessing it has been. You are not an "angel" every day but you are definitely a keeper.

You sure have been busy this past month with all your learning and growing.

You have started clapping this month. We are giving the credit for teaching you this new skill to your Great Aunt Sarah because when we were visiting her in B.C. she was singing and clapping for you and you started clapping right back at her. It was just such a precious moment.

This month you have come have come a long way with your crawling. It started shortly after your 7 month mark you started to do the army crawl. You did that for a for about a week or two, then you started to get up on your heads and knees, then you started to rock when you were on all fours which made me think that you would start crawling at any moment. Then a funny thing instead of starting to crawl you decided that do some yoga was more important and you started to do a downward dog pose. It was so funny, to watch you rock back and forth and then go into your pose. But finally after a few days you started to crawl, you were a little slow and shaky but I sure that you will get stronger and faster with each day that goes by.


This past month due to your lack/very little weight gain your pediatrician recommend that I offer you some formula after I nurse you. Well you loved the formula, and I can tell that you are starting to prefer the bottle as it is starting to become a fight every time I try and nurse you. I'm starting to think that you won't be breastfeeding for that much longer which does break my heart a little bit. But the most important thing is that you are happy and healthy and if that mean you are taking only formula then I'm glad.

Each month it is a joy and a pleasure to see you continue to learn and grow. With each smile, each giggle, and even with each tear I love you more and more. I feel so honored to be your Mother and I hope that I can lead and guide you to become that beautiful women that I know you are.

Again I look forward to the next month and seeing the new ways that you will continue to amaze me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

Another summer has come and gone, and once again it feels like it happened all too fast. The great thing about this year is that it was nice and hot so it made it feel like we really got a summer unlike some summers of the past. The downside about summer time is that it is when Mike is super busy at work. So we weren't able to get away a lot. 

I should clarify Mike, Rose and I were not able to get away a lot, but Rose and I were able to take a few trips with my parents. So her and I got a few nice mini vacations.

The first little trip we were able to do was a whirlwind weekend full of family reunions and a wedding. First we traveled down south to a reunion on my Mom's side in which the family was able to honor one of the relatives who fought and died in world war 2.

I haven't heard much about this relative before so it wonderful to learn about his life and how he gave his life so we could live in such a wonderful country. 

Then we headed off to a wedding on my Dad's side and a family gathering.

The wedding was lovely, the bride was gorgeous and it was great to see everyone. 

Rose seem to do okay this trip. I think mostly due to the fact that we didn't have to travel more then 3/4 hours each day. That seems to be all Rose could tolerate, and she even let me stay until 9 pm at the wedding before she let me know that is was way past her bed time and  she was not impressed. 

Now even though Mike did have a very busy summer with work, he usually got one day a week off and we tried to make the most of it and do little day trips together. Most of the time we headed out to check out the progress on our house.
It's looking like a house more everyday
One weekend we were able to take a little day trip to see some dinosaurs!  I think it is one of my favorite places to go just because of the beautiful landscape.

The last little trip Rose and I were able to go on with my parents (and one brother) was out to British Columbia, to see some family that unfortunately we have not seen in a very long time. So it was wonderful to be able to go out and see them.

The weather was so nice out in B.C. it got me dreaming about moving out there and having really long hot summers.

It really was great to see everyone. My Aunt Linda made a beautiful quilt for Rose. Which was so nice, and it really was gorgeous. I just love the colors and fabric that she used.

I wish we could have spent more time out there, one reason being it would have been nice to spend more time with the family that we were visiting and then reason number two is that, this trip was really hard on Rose. She doesn't sleep well in the car and she gets grumpy when she doesn't sleep. And every night we were in a different hotel which I feel didn't help the situation. And of course when she did finally fall a sleep in the car it seems we always stopped shortly after which woke her up every time. Now having said that, she actually did a lot better then I thought she would do, it really wasn't till we were returning home about an hour away from our home when she really let us know she had had enough of the car and pretty much screamed all the way home. Nothing at that point seem to able to calm her down. It wasn't till we were home and she saw her Daddy again that she calmed down and we were able to put her down for a much needed nap.

She sure was happy to see her Daddy
The trip itself was great but the traveling to get there was not so great. Next time I think I'll just fly or give us more time so we don't have to spend that long in the car each day.

Also in July it was our 4th Wedding Anniversary and although we were not able go any where this year. We were able to have a wonderful baby free dinner which in a mini vacation all in it's self. :) 

It really was a lovely summer filled with family and friends. Next summer we will have not one but two sweet little babies so I'm sure that will bring us many more wonderful adventures.

I hope you all had a great summer as well. 
Monday, September 8, 2014

7 Months

Another wonderful month with you has come and gone.

Sadly this month has been filled with many calls to the health link line and visits to the doctor and all because you wouldn't poop! And it did seem to matter how much fruit and liquids with gave you, you just would not go poo! I guess we need to do a better job at teaching you everyone poops..... and often ;) For a while it didn't seem to bother you at all, but then when you did decide to poo it was painful! You screamed your little head off, it truly broke my hear that in that moment I couldn't do anything for you and what I had done to try and help didn't work at all. And after all that pain and pushing it was such a small hard little poo. So we went out and got the laxative that the Doctor recommended and let me tell you that worked like a charm! Turned you into one little pooping machine. And the best part of it all is that when you were clearing out your systems I was out getting a pedicure with a friend so Daddy had to take care of it all! it was all perfectly timed. ;)

But of all the serious illness we could be facing, a little bout of constipation is really nothing and I feel very fortunate that we haven't had to deal with anything serious (I'm knocking on a piece of wood right now)

You are continuing to explore and learn to eat new foods. So far the only thing that you have not liked is kiwi, everything else you have tried you seem to really enjoy. I do think that peaches are you favorite as it seems like you can't not eat it fast enough when I give it to you. We are still following baby led weaning..... kind of. Two things; one with the whole constipation thing we feed you a lot of pureed fruits just to try and make sure you were getting as much in you as possible to try and loosen things up. And then two with you now having two little bottom teeth you are now learning how to bite pieces off and yet it seem that you have not learned to chew so it leads to a whole lot of gagging. Which makes my heart stop every time! So I have started to feel very nervous about giving you pieces of food. So the compromise has been that I will still give you piece of food for you to gnaw on but then after a while or when you start biting bits off that you can not chew that is when I mash it up. And depending on if I'm in a mood to clean up a giant mess I will either let you feed yourself the mashed up food. Which mostly ends up on the floor, much to the dogs delight. Or I will just spoon feed you and I just really make such I'm watching your cues and follow your lead on how much you want to eat. At this time I feel it is a good compromise.

You are still doing your ninja crawl aka just rolling around a lot. And part of me is starting to wonder if this is what you "crawl" will be. Because this method gets you were you want to go and you seem happy with it. I guess time will time.

You continue to smile and giggle more and more. Which is so nice for your Daddy and me, you are just such a  sweet serious baby that it seem to take forever for you to decide that it was a good idea to smile at people and things. You are still working on your laugh, you will giggle from time to time if I really work at it. It is just a little "ha" followed by a big smile. I try to do different and silly things to try and get you to give me a really whole body laugh but I have had no such luck. I really need to get you Daddy to work at it more for it was for him that you have giving your one big laugh to. So I know you can do it!

Oh my little one you are so sweet and precious to me. I  love you so much. I have heard it said that one doesn't know what love is until one has a child, now before you came along I thought that was crazy and felt that just could not be true as I was and I am so much in love with your Father that I thought it couldn't be that much different then loving a child. I was wrong, and that is the wonderful thing about love, it comes in so many different ways and can be felt in so many different ways. And the love I feel for you is nothing like the love I feel for anyone else. It is not better or worse just a really deep and truly unconditionally love that will never run dry. You really are my little sunshine.

I look forward to what the next month will bring.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baby Number Two

When I told Mike that I was going to take a pregnancy test he smiled and rolled his eyes at me, indicating that he thought there was no way I could be pregnant. And to be honest I wasn't too such either but I was way overdue for my wonderful monthly "visitor". But I thought it was more likely that my body was still trying to sort things out after giving birth to Rose. I mean it took two and half years and with medical help to get pregnant with Rose so there was no way that I could be pregnant. At least that is what I took myself as I went to bed that night.

Well much to our delight we were wrong. When those two lines showed up on the pregnancy test I was in shock. This was not the "plan", the plan was to starting trying for a baby in August and then after Rose turned one in January I would go to my Doctor to go back on clomid because I truly believed that there was no way I could get pregnant without those little pills help. So when I saw those two little lines, I really was in shock. Pregnant!?!?!?, how on earth could I be pregnant???

Mike had already left for work when I took the test so Rose was the first one that I told the good news to. When I told her she gave me the biggest and best smile, as if to tell me how exciting it was and how she was so very happy to become a big sister. With her one sweet smile she made me feel so good and excited.

 I was hoping that Mike would have forgotten that I was going to take a pregnancy test so I could tell him in person when he got home that evening. Well he has a better memory then he likes to led on sometimes and at noon he sent me a text ask me if I was pregnancy I texted him backing with a simple "yes" then in the next second he was calling me. He asked again "Are you really pregnant?" "Well according to the pregnancy test I am" Then he just laughs and said that's wonderful, (okay the whole truth is he first said "I need to learn to keep it in my pants" before he said "That's wonderful" but that part it a little rude and I will be leaving that bit out when we tell this story to our children ;)

For a while part of me still really doubted that I was really pregnant, so any time the phone rang I would get a little bit nervous thinking that it would be the midwife phoning to inform me that I was not pregnant and that the home pregnancy test was wrong and I would need to go see my family doctor to figure out what was really going on with my body. Thankfully that phone call never came. So I started to finally fully believe that I would be having another little baby that is when my crazy hormone filled mind decided that well something must be wrong then, because this was just too perfect, too wonderful, it was just too good to be true. So then I started to worry that when we went to our first ultrasound that the baby won't have a heartbeat. I tried hard to push these negative thoughts out of my mind and just focus on Rose and the joy she brings me.

But I think those negative thoughts crept in more then I realized because after we got the ultrasound and saw our sweet little baby swimming around inside me and seeing that it had a good strong heartbeat. I felt so much relive and felt so much better about everything and finally really believed that we really were going to have baby Number Two. I just felt so grateful that I have been so blessed in my life to have such a wonderful husband who give me so much love and support. A wonderful baby girl who makes me smile and laugh everyday. And now a lovely baby to be which I can not wait to meet and hold in my arms, march can not come soon enough.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

6 Months

Wow, the six month mark has come and gone so fast that I'm really slow in getting this post up for you my sweet baby girl.

Six Months, I just can't believe that you have been blessing our lives for six months with all your sweet little smile and wonderful sloppy kisses.

You have lost your cute toothless grin as your two bottom teeth have come in. You seem to handle the teething like a champ as I didn't even know you were teething till they had popped up. And with those two teeth has come solids foods in to your diet.  For the most part we have been following Baby Lead Weaning, although some days you seem to get a little frustrated with it as you seem like you can't get the food in your belly fast enough and you are much happier when I just mush it up and feed it to you on a spoon. You love to reach and grab the spoon and shove it in your mouth. It is just the cutest thing!

You have been making a new sound this past month, I like to pretend that it is your first word as it sounds like you are saying "Mama" but reality sets in and I know that it just sounds like it and it is not really your first word. But one can hope.

If you were to ask your Father he would say that you have started crawling this month but the truth is you are just rolling and rolling and rolling. Maybe it's your type of ninja  crawl.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened to you this past month is that we learn that you are going to be a big sister!  You were the first one I told when I knew for sure that I was pregnant even before your Father. When I shared the news with you, you gave me the biggest smile and I like to pretend that you knew what I was telling you and were excited to take on your new role in our family.

It is such a joy having you in our life, you bring us so much joy and laughter, like always I look forward to the next month and all the adventures to come.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Months

Another month has come and gone once again my sweet baby. I really need to find a way to slow down time just a little bit.

You continue to explore the world around you more and more. Really reaching and grabbing for your brightly coloured toys. You appear to already have a few favorite toys, two of which are your feet! You love to grab them and stick them right in your mouth!  Nature seems to be another thing you really are fascinated by. As it seems you could stare at the trees and their beautiful green leafs forever. I think your father has helped cultivate that interest as when he gets home from work he will often take you outside to look at the trees and enjoy the nice weather.

This month you started to roll over. The first time you did it, like a true first parent I got a little too excited about the whole thing. But that excitement was quickly lost at bedtime as you continued to roll to your stomach and then get upset. It was not a fun game to play all night and I found myself wishing you would stop all this rolling nonsense. Hopefully in this next month you will learn how to roll back to your back.

Your giggle is slowly starting to emerge as you have given us hints that you are ready to laugh at all the silly things your Father and I do. Yet like your smile you are taking your time and really making us work for it.

Your "talking" seems to continue to increase and it is starting to become a little easier to read, whither you are content and "talking" about the weather or you are starting to get a little upset about something. Often it is to let us know it is time for a nap.

I love seeing your smiling (or sometimes grumpy) face each morning. You always make the day so bright no matter what the weather is like outside.  I  look forward to seeing what new things you will learn in this next month.

I love you so much!

She just can't keep her feet out of her mouth.

20 weeks outside vs. inside

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Home Sweet Home

 I know that lately I have pretty much only been blogging about my sweet baby girl, I just can't help myself! I just think that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Also because she takes up most of my time, I don't have any crafts that I have done or anything else to blog about.

But not today, although I might still throw a few thought about how wonderful she is at the end just so that you don't forget about her ;)

So the big news around here is that Mike and I are building a house! And we couldn't be more excited! 

Our house should be done around December/January, we don't have a set date yet as they have not even started building the foundation. That should be happening soon. So in the meantime we get to dream about our new house and how nice it will be not to have strangers living above us. Or not having to deal with a Landlord anymore and paying someone else mortgage. 

A lot of my free time is now spend search the web for ideas on how we should decorate the house. I think I have a little too much fun finding pictures and tips on things we could do around the house but when I show those wonderful ideas to Mike,he of course dose not like them. So this whole decorating thing is going to be a lot harder then I thought it would be. 

Well I guess it is a good thing we still have time to decide as for now this lovely pile of dirty is all that there is to our home. It is not much to look at now but don't worry soon it will be the most beautiful home in all the land! ;)

Monday, May 26, 2014

4 Months

Sweet Baby,

You just keep growing and growing. I feel you are really starting to embrace the world around you. And I think a big reason why is that with many tears from both me and you, you are finally sleeping a lot better both at nap time and at night. I think that has really helped you to be more content and happy when you are awake.

You continue to talk up a storm, babbling and cooing at those who will listen to you.

Your hands are your favorite thing to eat and are often end up in your mouth much to my displeasure.

Your are starting to smile a little more freely at me, although you still like to make everyone else work for those sweet smiles. And if you are at all tired or hungry no one gets any smiles till those needs are met.

We have started to get in the habit of reading a few books with you before you going to bed and you are now starting to show an interest in them as you will stare and study the bright and beautiful pictures. Although if you are too tired we are luckily if we can read one page before you tell us with your tears that you are all done with books.

I don't know if it is just me not noticing but I feel this month has only brought small and subtle changes. Like although you are not rolling over, you have shown that your legs are getting stronger as you can complete a funny bum lifting movement when laying on your back to change what direction you are facing. But you will do this only when you are upset.

Another subtle change is that although you will not putting a big effort into reaching for your favorite toys, if they are placed close enough to your hand you will grab hold of them and put them straight into your mouth.

One thing that continue to grow and grow is my love for you. I thought I loved you endless amounts on the day you were born. My heart was bursting with love and joy for you when I first held you in my arms, but with each day that passes my love for you just continue to grow. I never thought my heart could love someone so much, but you have taught me that love is truly endless.

Although part of me want you to stay this little baby forever, I look forward to this next month to see what wonderful way you will grow and to watch for your personality to continue to shine through.

I love you so much my sweet baby girl.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3 Months

My beautiful little Rose,

Time is passing a little too quickly for me, and you have grown a little too much for my liking. I know that is part of life and there with be many new and great days ahead as you grow but my heart is a little sad that you are not my brand new baby anymore.

You are alter and more aware of your surroundings this month.  I feel your personality is slowing starting to emerge. Although I do think you are a happy baby, you are definity more on the serious side. When presented with something new or unfamiliar I see you taking your time and making a real decision whether you will smile at it or not. And you do like to save your smiles for only the best toys and people.

You continue to "talk" more and more with a growing demand to have a response from who ever you are conversing with. And you will often let a big sigh out when you are not satisfied with the answer given.

This past month your Father and I have really started our baby sign with you. The three signs we have started using are, "change" (for diaper changes), "all done", and "milk". Right now the big challenge is for us to remember to sign them to you before each activity. I really don't know if you know what each sign is but hopefully in the coming months you will pick it up.

This month it has been made very clear that you take after your Father and get very grumpy when you don't get enough sleep. And yet you have not liked going down for your naps and will often only sleep for 30 minutes, which is definity not enough for you. It is an area we will be working on this coming month my sweet Rose.

I have found that this month I have not needed to hold you as much during the day as you have slow started to become more interested in your toys. And for a few moments at a time I'm able to put you in your "baby einstein" chair, give you a toy and I can get a little bit of housework done. This milestone is bittersweet for me. It is nice to be able to get a few things done, but it means I don't get as many cuddles during the day.

Oh my sweet baby I really do love to hold and to cuddle with you. I love to feel your little hands grab hold of my clothes so tightly as if you are trying to say "mommy don't ever let me go". I love the touch of your sweets cheeks on mine and the wonderful sweet baby smell you have. In those moments I wish you would never grow up. That time would stand still, and that you always be my little baby Rose. Who would always give me those sweet toothless grins and long to cuddle the whole day.

But this is not so, and there are lots of wonderful moments to come. And I hope and pray that I can lead and guide you to become the beautiful women inside and out that I know you can be.

I love you so much and I am looking forward to the next month and all the adventurers it will bring.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

We were with family this Easter weekend. We didn't really do any special Easter tradition mostly what my family play pass little Rose around, with my Mom (or Nana now) winning this game most of the time.

The timing worked out for us to celebrate my brother Eric's birthday as well. Which was really special as we don't often get to see my family on their birthdays.

When Eric was 6 months old
This is the last year of his 20's
This was also the longest car ride we will have done with Rose,so I was a little worried on how things would go but she was really good in the car. She just slept the whole ride, which was heaven! 

But sadly our nighttime sleeps did not go as smoothly. I don't know if it was just being in a different place or what but Rose was not impressed with the whole situation. Normally our night are pretty good concerning she is only 12 weeks old and my doctor doesn't want me going longer then 5 hours at night between feeds. But all of that went out the window, so all of us got a lot less sleep then we normally do.

It was wonderful spending time with my family and it was very sweet to see my brother hold their little niece.

And one of the best things of that weekend was that when it was over we brought my Mom back with us, so she has been getting a lot of time with Baby Rose.

Rose's In vs. Out Photo 
12 weeks In vs. Out

Monday, April 7, 2014

She looks like .....

One thing that I think everyone does when a new baby is bought home, is the fun game of who does the baby look like.

I love this game. Before Rose was born Mike and I would spend many evenings imaging what she would look like. Who's nose she would have, what color would her eyes be and on and on. 

When she finally arrived it it was so hard to take our eyes off her. One, she is just so beautiful (not that I'm bias). And Two it is fun to see who she looks like. 

She has my chin, she has her father's ears, but over all it has been decided that she looks like me. And I have to say that even Mike's family says that so it's not just my family saying it.

I thought it would be fun to compare some pictures side by side.

On left that is me at 6 weeks, Rose in the middle at 7 weeks and then Mike at 2 weeks. I think these photos show that she really does look more like me at this point. Again not that I'm bias or anything like that. These pictures also show that Mike was a big baby because at 2 weeks he looks much bigger then Rose at 7 weeks.

Let's keep this game going.

Here we have Rose at 8 weeks on the inside then at 8 weeks on the outside. It is really remarkable how that little  "kidney bean" (that is about how big a fetus is at 8 weeks) grew into that gorgeous baby on the right. It really is one of life's greatest miracles.

Let's do one more for fun.

On the right is one of my favorite pictures of my parents, don't they look good? They are much better dressed then Mike and I with our plain old white t-shirts. And you just have to love that sofa.