Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolutions

It is that time of year again, the setting of my new year's resolutions. This happens year after year and yet I'm still not very good at keeping those goals. I have to shack my head and laugh at myself, as I kept setting myself up for failure. Not really sure why I do this to myself, laziness??? That is quite possible, maybe the goals I set are not really as important to me as I thought they were when I set them. I don't know.

Well this year I'm more determined to make sure that I keep my goals then ever! How I will do this is? It's called accountability, I thought if I make sure that I write an update on my goals through out the year that keep me on track to meet my new years resolutions. I think that by doing a monthly goal update that will keep me motivated. Even if it is a very embarrassing blog post where I have to admit that I have done nothing, I promise I will do I monthly blog.  

Now bring on the goals!

So with 2014 being the year that will bring us a baby mostly my goals center around her. Maybe, that will help motivate me to keep my goals this year.

Number One

To take more pictures of our family and activities that we do through out the year. 

I do a pretty good job and taking pictures of things like crafts or something like that. And I take a lot of pictures of nature, but at the end of the year when I look back at the photos I took I always seem to be  a little sad about of how few pictures of Mike and I have.

Number Two

To write a minimum of twice a month in the journal I started for our baby. 

I started this journal a few months after I found out I was pregnant, I started it because I wanted a place where I could write down my thoughts to the baby and a place I could write down all the cute little moments. And maybe the not so cute moments as well.

Well there we have it my two goals for the year. I feel like they are kind of simple, but if I can keep it up for the whole year I will be pretty happy with myself.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and all the best in your own goals for 2014.

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