Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two Months

My Sweet Baby,

Time is pasting a little to quickly for me, yesterday was two months since you first came into ours lives and we have never been happier or more tired. You have grown so much! I saw a newborn baby a few days ago and it showed me just how much you have grown. You are growing nice and long, which makes me think you will be tall like your Father.

You are now awake much more then last month some days too much as you decide that napping is just for the dogs. You love to be held and I love to hold you. Every time you rest your head on me, I feel like I'm in heaven as I know that you won't always fit there so perfectly. The only down side to all those cuddles is that I don't get anything done. Oh well it can all wait for another time.

You are starting to smile at us although you like to save those smiles for special moments like when anyone but me is holding you or right after you poo, that always seem to bring a smile to your sweet little face. You have also starting "talking" to us. As you babble and make your baby coos you will look right at us and wait for us to respond as you have just told us something very important. 

We actually got out this month and did a few family activities, one being the car show. Your Father loved caring you around and getting many smiles from every women that was there. He likes to think all those smiles were for him but we know the truth it is because you are just so cute that people just can't help themselves when they see you.

Sitting in a Jaguar 

You will be watching a lot of F1 racing so learn to love it.
You also had your baby blessing this month, which was done by your Grandpa. It was a really sweet moment with just your Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and cousins around. You look so beautiful in your little dress.

It is very bitter sweet as time moves forward. I look forward to see you grown up and all those fun milestones that are to come like you learning to talk, and walk and when you sleep all though the night. But the sad part of it all is that every day I'm losing my little baby and I just love these little baby days, where your Father and I are the most important people to you and you just want lots of love and cuddles. These days are just so precious.