Monday, April 7, 2014

She looks like .....

One thing that I think everyone does when a new baby is bought home, is the fun game of who does the baby look like.

I love this game. Before Rose was born Mike and I would spend many evenings imaging what she would look like. Who's nose she would have, what color would her eyes be and on and on. 

When she finally arrived it it was so hard to take our eyes off her. One, she is just so beautiful (not that I'm bias). And Two it is fun to see who she looks like. 

She has my chin, she has her father's ears, but over all it has been decided that she looks like me. And I have to say that even Mike's family says that so it's not just my family saying it.

I thought it would be fun to compare some pictures side by side.

On left that is me at 6 weeks, Rose in the middle at 7 weeks and then Mike at 2 weeks. I think these photos show that she really does look more like me at this point. Again not that I'm bias or anything like that. These pictures also show that Mike was a big baby because at 2 weeks he looks much bigger then Rose at 7 weeks.

Let's keep this game going.

Here we have Rose at 8 weeks on the inside then at 8 weeks on the outside. It is really remarkable how that little  "kidney bean" (that is about how big a fetus is at 8 weeks) grew into that gorgeous baby on the right. It really is one of life's greatest miracles.

Let's do one more for fun.

On the right is one of my favorite pictures of my parents, don't they look good? They are much better dressed then Mike and I with our plain old white t-shirts. And you just have to love that sofa.


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