Monday, May 26, 2014

4 Months

Sweet Baby,

You just keep growing and growing. I feel you are really starting to embrace the world around you. And I think a big reason why is that with many tears from both me and you, you are finally sleeping a lot better both at nap time and at night. I think that has really helped you to be more content and happy when you are awake.

You continue to talk up a storm, babbling and cooing at those who will listen to you.

Your hands are your favorite thing to eat and are often end up in your mouth much to my displeasure.

Your are starting to smile a little more freely at me, although you still like to make everyone else work for those sweet smiles. And if you are at all tired or hungry no one gets any smiles till those needs are met.

We have started to get in the habit of reading a few books with you before you going to bed and you are now starting to show an interest in them as you will stare and study the bright and beautiful pictures. Although if you are too tired we are luckily if we can read one page before you tell us with your tears that you are all done with books.

I don't know if it is just me not noticing but I feel this month has only brought small and subtle changes. Like although you are not rolling over, you have shown that your legs are getting stronger as you can complete a funny bum lifting movement when laying on your back to change what direction you are facing. But you will do this only when you are upset.

Another subtle change is that although you will not putting a big effort into reaching for your favorite toys, if they are placed close enough to your hand you will grab hold of them and put them straight into your mouth.

One thing that continue to grow and grow is my love for you. I thought I loved you endless amounts on the day you were born. My heart was bursting with love and joy for you when I first held you in my arms, but with each day that passes my love for you just continue to grow. I never thought my heart could love someone so much, but you have taught me that love is truly endless.

Although part of me want you to stay this little baby forever, I look forward to this next month to see what wonderful way you will grow and to watch for your personality to continue to shine through.

I love you so much my sweet baby girl.