Friday, June 27, 2014

Five Months

Another month has come and gone once again my sweet baby. I really need to find a way to slow down time just a little bit.

You continue to explore the world around you more and more. Really reaching and grabbing for your brightly coloured toys. You appear to already have a few favorite toys, two of which are your feet! You love to grab them and stick them right in your mouth!  Nature seems to be another thing you really are fascinated by. As it seems you could stare at the trees and their beautiful green leafs forever. I think your father has helped cultivate that interest as when he gets home from work he will often take you outside to look at the trees and enjoy the nice weather.

This month you started to roll over. The first time you did it, like a true first parent I got a little too excited about the whole thing. But that excitement was quickly lost at bedtime as you continued to roll to your stomach and then get upset. It was not a fun game to play all night and I found myself wishing you would stop all this rolling nonsense. Hopefully in this next month you will learn how to roll back to your back.

Your giggle is slowly starting to emerge as you have given us hints that you are ready to laugh at all the silly things your Father and I do. Yet like your smile you are taking your time and really making us work for it.

Your "talking" seems to continue to increase and it is starting to become a little easier to read, whither you are content and "talking" about the weather or you are starting to get a little upset about something. Often it is to let us know it is time for a nap.

I love seeing your smiling (or sometimes grumpy) face each morning. You always make the day so bright no matter what the weather is like outside.  I  look forward to seeing what new things you will learn in this next month.

I love you so much!

She just can't keep her feet out of her mouth.

20 weeks outside vs. inside


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