Thursday, August 14, 2014

6 Months

Wow, the six month mark has come and gone so fast that I'm really slow in getting this post up for you my sweet baby girl.

Six Months, I just can't believe that you have been blessing our lives for six months with all your sweet little smile and wonderful sloppy kisses.

You have lost your cute toothless grin as your two bottom teeth have come in. You seem to handle the teething like a champ as I didn't even know you were teething till they had popped up. And with those two teeth has come solids foods in to your diet.  For the most part we have been following Baby Lead Weaning, although some days you seem to get a little frustrated with it as you seem like you can't get the food in your belly fast enough and you are much happier when I just mush it up and feed it to you on a spoon. You love to reach and grab the spoon and shove it in your mouth. It is just the cutest thing!

You have been making a new sound this past month, I like to pretend that it is your first word as it sounds like you are saying "Mama" but reality sets in and I know that it just sounds like it and it is not really your first word. But one can hope.

If you were to ask your Father he would say that you have started crawling this month but the truth is you are just rolling and rolling and rolling. Maybe it's your type of ninja  crawl.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened to you this past month is that we learn that you are going to be a big sister!  You were the first one I told when I knew for sure that I was pregnant even before your Father. When I shared the news with you, you gave me the biggest smile and I like to pretend that you knew what I was telling you and were excited to take on your new role in our family.

It is such a joy having you in our life, you bring us so much joy and laughter, like always I look forward to the next month and all the adventures to come.


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