Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Baby Number Two

When I told Mike that I was going to take a pregnancy test he smiled and rolled his eyes at me, indicating that he thought there was no way I could be pregnant. And to be honest I wasn't too such either but I was way overdue for my wonderful monthly "visitor". But I thought it was more likely that my body was still trying to sort things out after giving birth to Rose. I mean it took two and half years and with medical help to get pregnant with Rose so there was no way that I could be pregnant. At least that is what I took myself as I went to bed that night.

Well much to our delight we were wrong. When those two lines showed up on the pregnancy test I was in shock. This was not the "plan", the plan was to starting trying for a baby in August and then after Rose turned one in January I would go to my Doctor to go back on clomid because I truly believed that there was no way I could get pregnant without those little pills help. So when I saw those two little lines, I really was in shock. Pregnant!?!?!?, how on earth could I be pregnant???

Mike had already left for work when I took the test so Rose was the first one that I told the good news to. When I told her she gave me the biggest and best smile, as if to tell me how exciting it was and how she was so very happy to become a big sister. With her one sweet smile she made me feel so good and excited.

 I was hoping that Mike would have forgotten that I was going to take a pregnancy test so I could tell him in person when he got home that evening. Well he has a better memory then he likes to led on sometimes and at noon he sent me a text ask me if I was pregnancy I texted him backing with a simple "yes" then in the next second he was calling me. He asked again "Are you really pregnant?" "Well according to the pregnancy test I am" Then he just laughs and said that's wonderful, (okay the whole truth is he first said "I need to learn to keep it in my pants" before he said "That's wonderful" but that part it a little rude and I will be leaving that bit out when we tell this story to our children ;)

For a while part of me still really doubted that I was really pregnant, so any time the phone rang I would get a little bit nervous thinking that it would be the midwife phoning to inform me that I was not pregnant and that the home pregnancy test was wrong and I would need to go see my family doctor to figure out what was really going on with my body. Thankfully that phone call never came. So I started to finally fully believe that I would be having another little baby that is when my crazy hormone filled mind decided that well something must be wrong then, because this was just too perfect, too wonderful, it was just too good to be true. So then I started to worry that when we went to our first ultrasound that the baby won't have a heartbeat. I tried hard to push these negative thoughts out of my mind and just focus on Rose and the joy she brings me.

But I think those negative thoughts crept in more then I realized because after we got the ultrasound and saw our sweet little baby swimming around inside me and seeing that it had a good strong heartbeat. I felt so much relive and felt so much better about everything and finally really believed that we really were going to have baby Number Two. I just felt so grateful that I have been so blessed in my life to have such a wonderful husband who give me so much love and support. A wonderful baby girl who makes me smile and laugh everyday. And now a lovely baby to be which I can not wait to meet and hold in my arms, march can not come soon enough.


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