Monday, September 8, 2014

7 Months

Another wonderful month with you has come and gone.

Sadly this month has been filled with many calls to the health link line and visits to the doctor and all because you wouldn't poop! And it did seem to matter how much fruit and liquids with gave you, you just would not go poo! I guess we need to do a better job at teaching you everyone poops..... and often ;) For a while it didn't seem to bother you at all, but then when you did decide to poo it was painful! You screamed your little head off, it truly broke my hear that in that moment I couldn't do anything for you and what I had done to try and help didn't work at all. And after all that pain and pushing it was such a small hard little poo. So we went out and got the laxative that the Doctor recommended and let me tell you that worked like a charm! Turned you into one little pooping machine. And the best part of it all is that when you were clearing out your systems I was out getting a pedicure with a friend so Daddy had to take care of it all! it was all perfectly timed. ;)

But of all the serious illness we could be facing, a little bout of constipation is really nothing and I feel very fortunate that we haven't had to deal with anything serious (I'm knocking on a piece of wood right now)

You are continuing to explore and learn to eat new foods. So far the only thing that you have not liked is kiwi, everything else you have tried you seem to really enjoy. I do think that peaches are you favorite as it seems like you can't not eat it fast enough when I give it to you. We are still following baby led weaning..... kind of. Two things; one with the whole constipation thing we feed you a lot of pureed fruits just to try and make sure you were getting as much in you as possible to try and loosen things up. And then two with you now having two little bottom teeth you are now learning how to bite pieces off and yet it seem that you have not learned to chew so it leads to a whole lot of gagging. Which makes my heart stop every time! So I have started to feel very nervous about giving you pieces of food. So the compromise has been that I will still give you piece of food for you to gnaw on but then after a while or when you start biting bits off that you can not chew that is when I mash it up. And depending on if I'm in a mood to clean up a giant mess I will either let you feed yourself the mashed up food. Which mostly ends up on the floor, much to the dogs delight. Or I will just spoon feed you and I just really make such I'm watching your cues and follow your lead on how much you want to eat. At this time I feel it is a good compromise.

You are still doing your ninja crawl aka just rolling around a lot. And part of me is starting to wonder if this is what you "crawl" will be. Because this method gets you were you want to go and you seem happy with it. I guess time will time.

You continue to smile and giggle more and more. Which is so nice for your Daddy and me, you are just such a  sweet serious baby that it seem to take forever for you to decide that it was a good idea to smile at people and things. You are still working on your laugh, you will giggle from time to time if I really work at it. It is just a little "ha" followed by a big smile. I try to do different and silly things to try and get you to give me a really whole body laugh but I have had no such luck. I really need to get you Daddy to work at it more for it was for him that you have giving your one big laugh to. So I know you can do it!

Oh my little one you are so sweet and precious to me. I  love you so much. I have heard it said that one doesn't know what love is until one has a child, now before you came along I thought that was crazy and felt that just could not be true as I was and I am so much in love with your Father that I thought it couldn't be that much different then loving a child. I was wrong, and that is the wonderful thing about love, it comes in so many different ways and can be felt in so many different ways. And the love I feel for you is nothing like the love I feel for anyone else. It is not better or worse just a really deep and truly unconditionally love that will never run dry. You really are my little sunshine.

I look forward to what the next month will bring.


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