Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

Another summer has come and gone, and once again it feels like it happened all too fast. The great thing about this year is that it was nice and hot so it made it feel like we really got a summer unlike some summers of the past. The downside about summer time is that it is when Mike is super busy at work. So we weren't able to get away a lot. 

I should clarify Mike, Rose and I were not able to get away a lot, but Rose and I were able to take a few trips with my parents. So her and I got a few nice mini vacations.

The first little trip we were able to do was a whirlwind weekend full of family reunions and a wedding. First we traveled down south to a reunion on my Mom's side in which the family was able to honor one of the relatives who fought and died in world war 2.

I haven't heard much about this relative before so it wonderful to learn about his life and how he gave his life so we could live in such a wonderful country. 

Then we headed off to a wedding on my Dad's side and a family gathering.

The wedding was lovely, the bride was gorgeous and it was great to see everyone. 

Rose seem to do okay this trip. I think mostly due to the fact that we didn't have to travel more then 3/4 hours each day. That seems to be all Rose could tolerate, and she even let me stay until 9 pm at the wedding before she let me know that is was way past her bed time and  she was not impressed. 

Now even though Mike did have a very busy summer with work, he usually got one day a week off and we tried to make the most of it and do little day trips together. Most of the time we headed out to check out the progress on our house.
It's looking like a house more everyday
One weekend we were able to take a little day trip to see some dinosaurs!  I think it is one of my favorite places to go just because of the beautiful landscape.

The last little trip Rose and I were able to go on with my parents (and one brother) was out to British Columbia, to see some family that unfortunately we have not seen in a very long time. So it was wonderful to be able to go out and see them.

The weather was so nice out in B.C. it got me dreaming about moving out there and having really long hot summers.

It really was great to see everyone. My Aunt Linda made a beautiful quilt for Rose. Which was so nice, and it really was gorgeous. I just love the colors and fabric that she used.

I wish we could have spent more time out there, one reason being it would have been nice to spend more time with the family that we were visiting and then reason number two is that, this trip was really hard on Rose. She doesn't sleep well in the car and she gets grumpy when she doesn't sleep. And every night we were in a different hotel which I feel didn't help the situation. And of course when she did finally fall a sleep in the car it seems we always stopped shortly after which woke her up every time. Now having said that, she actually did a lot better then I thought she would do, it really wasn't till we were returning home about an hour away from our home when she really let us know she had had enough of the car and pretty much screamed all the way home. Nothing at that point seem to able to calm her down. It wasn't till we were home and she saw her Daddy again that she calmed down and we were able to put her down for a much needed nap.

She sure was happy to see her Daddy
The trip itself was great but the traveling to get there was not so great. Next time I think I'll just fly or give us more time so we don't have to spend that long in the car each day.

Also in July it was our 4th Wedding Anniversary and although we were not able go any where this year. We were able to have a wonderful baby free dinner which in a mini vacation all in it's self. :) 

It really was a lovely summer filled with family and friends. Next summer we will have not one but two sweet little babies so I'm sure that will bring us many more wonderful adventures.

I hope you all had a great summer as well. 


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