Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giving Thanks and A Gender Reveal

This past weekend was Thanksgiving (for us in Canada anyway). It really was a gorgeous weekend with all the trees wearing their fall colours so beautifully and the weather even cooperated as well giving us some very nice fall days.

We spent the weekend with my family. It was a weekend full of good food, games and lots of oohs and aahs over Rose and every little thing she does.

We arrive somewhat early Friday afternoon and were able to relax and make some plans for the weekend.

For Saturday we decided that we would head over to the Telus Space and Science Center for the Grand Opening of their Indiana Jones exhibit. It was soooo good, I just loved every minute of it. One reason may be because I have a huge crush on Harrison Ford. Mike loves to bug me about it because of how old he is now but in my books he is as good looking as ever.

Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.jpgHarrison Fords Jules Verne Award.JPG

Anyway it really was a great exhibit even besides the fact that there were tons of pictures of My Love Harrison Ford. There was lots to look at and it was a very interactive, which is always fun. So if you happen to be in Edmonton in the next few weeks I would strongly suggest you check it out. We all had a lot of fun.

 Now although every year I seem to say the same things that I'm thankful for it doesn't make it any less true.  I'm grateful for the wonderful family I have and was so blessed to have Rose join our us this year. She brings me such joy and happiness, my love for her grows each and every day. I'm also very grateful to have learned that our family will be grow by another beautiful baby in 2015. I already love baby #2 so much, March can not come soon enough. And of course there is my wonderful husband who is such a blessing and strength to me. He has exceeded my expectations in every way on what type of Father he would be. He is so willing to help out with Rose and I love to watch him play and interact with her. And I know that Rose feels the love he has for her because she always saves her biggest and best smiles for Mike when he comes home. I feel so blessed in so many way in my life, I often wondered why I'm so lucky in the life when there are so many around the world are in need of the basic necessities to live. And although I do not have an answer to that question, it reminds me on how grateful I need to before all that I have and how fortunate I true am.

Enjoying the wonderful Thanksgiving Meal

Being very serious as she entertains us after dinner

Now before we drove up to Edmonton we had my  20ish week ultra sound. So we were able to find out if we were having a little boy or a little girl. With this baby I kept go back and forth if I would like a girl or boy. With Rose I just wanted a baby that I really didn't care either way, but with baby #2 I have thought about it a lot more.

When we first found out I was pregnant I thought I would like a girl, that way Rose could have a little sister to play with. Then Mike started to think that it was going to be a boy because everything about this pregnancy was so different then with Rose, that it must mean it was a boy. So I started thinking about how much fun a little boy would be. That when it came time for the ultra sound I really didn't care either way I just wanted to make sure our little baby had a nice strong heart beat. Which it did and really that is what truly matters. So I can add one more thing to my grateful list.

 So as you can see we are very excited to announce that we are have another lovely little girl and we just couldn't be happier!

I'm so glad that Rose will get a have a sister and all the love and joy that comes from that.

Can March come any sooner!?!?!

8 Months

My Sweet Angel,

8 months, I really can't believe that it has been a whole eight months since you entered our lives. And such a blessing it has been. You are not an "angel" every day but you are definitely a keeper.

You sure have been busy this past month with all your learning and growing.

You have started clapping this month. We are giving the credit for teaching you this new skill to your Great Aunt Sarah because when we were visiting her in B.C. she was singing and clapping for you and you started clapping right back at her. It was just such a precious moment.

This month you have come have come a long way with your crawling. It started shortly after your 7 month mark you started to do the army crawl. You did that for a for about a week or two, then you started to get up on your heads and knees, then you started to rock when you were on all fours which made me think that you would start crawling at any moment. Then a funny thing instead of starting to crawl you decided that do some yoga was more important and you started to do a downward dog pose. It was so funny, to watch you rock back and forth and then go into your pose. But finally after a few days you started to crawl, you were a little slow and shaky but I sure that you will get stronger and faster with each day that goes by.


This past month due to your lack/very little weight gain your pediatrician recommend that I offer you some formula after I nurse you. Well you loved the formula, and I can tell that you are starting to prefer the bottle as it is starting to become a fight every time I try and nurse you. I'm starting to think that you won't be breastfeeding for that much longer which does break my heart a little bit. But the most important thing is that you are happy and healthy and if that mean you are taking only formula then I'm glad.

Each month it is a joy and a pleasure to see you continue to learn and grow. With each smile, each giggle, and even with each tear I love you more and more. I feel so honored to be your Mother and I hope that I can lead and guide you to become that beautiful women that I know you are.

Again I look forward to the next month and seeing the new ways that you will continue to amaze me.