Saturday, November 1, 2014

9 Months

How did we get here so fast! These past 9 months have really just flown by. I feel like this month you have come a long way in your growth and development.

You have improved so much with your gross motor skills. When crawling you have become more coordinated and a lot faster. Which leaves me chasing after you so much more and trying to find ways to keep you contained in one safe area without you finding someway of getting out.

Also this past month you discovered how much fun it was to pull yourself up and stand. In fact you thought it was so fun that for most of the month you decided that it wasn't that important to learn how to go from a crawl to sitting fully on your own.  It wasn't till 5 days before your 9 month mark that you finally went to a crawl to sit all by yourself. Your Father and I find it a little funny that when sitting you are still a little wobbly but when standing you seem to have no problem. From standing you learned very quickly how to get yourself back to a crawl after getting yourself "stuck" in a standing position one to many times. You are defiantly going to have super strong legs with all the squats you end up doing in a day. Now if we only could get your core just as strong, I'm sure you'll be walking in no time! ;)

This month you have shown us what a determined little girl you are by throwing your first temper tantrum. Up to this point you have only cried when you had a need to be filled, being hungry, tried, uncomfortable, scared and things like that. Otherwise you really have been a very contain little girl. Well those days are now over as is seems like a light has gone off in your brain and you realized that you can turn your sweet little voice into a deafening banshee cry to show your displeasure. So far your tantrums have all been about the fact that I will not let you put certain things in your mouth like butter knifes, the metal lock thing on shopping carts, and the tv remote just to name a few. I will continue to not let you put things like that in your mouth and I'm sure you will continue to show me your displeasure. I'm also sure that there will be other things that will come up as time goes by that I will not let you do and you will not be happy about it but that is my job as your Mother to keep you safe from harm and to teach you how to become a lovely grown women.

Also this month you have decides that your car seat is the devil's own torture devise. Every time I go to put you in your seat you will arch your back and scream as if I was doing you serious harm. (I'm sure people walking by think that) Some days I avoided going out just so I don't have to have a wrestling match with you.

It has been so much fun with your learning how to express yourself this month. 

Like always it is so much fun to watch you learn and grow and I look forward to seeing all the things you will learn and do next month.

This month was pretty hard to get a picture, you just wanted to get up and crawl around. 


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