Friday, December 5, 2014

10 Months

My Sweet Little One,

This months has been filled with lots of laughter and tears.

The tears mainly come for all the teeth that decided to make their appearance this month. All four of your upper front teeth showed up, and your third bottom tooth started to cut through your gums. Although has not popped all the way through yet. All those teeth must have given you a pretty sore little mouth, which seem to hit you the worst in the afternoon because it seems because all month you have really struggled with your afternoon nap. You either do not take one at all or only sleeping for a very short time. Which lead to a lot of "fun" evening with a very overtired baby. Thankfully it seem like the worst is behind us as you are now back on track with your afternoon naps. Which leads to a very happy Mommy and baby.

The crazy thing is the even though your struggled with that one nap, this month you have done so well with going down for the night. Maybe because you were so tired due to no afternoon nap. This month we stopped your one night time feed, which was a lot easier then I though it would be. And very shortly after we stopped that you have been sleeping all through the night! (which means 10 to 12 hours) It has been amazing, and I'm hoping that this is now the new normal because it will make life a lot easier when your little baby sister arrives and I only have to deal with her at night and not you as well. Fingers Crossed!!

You waved Hi at the correct time for the first time this month and of course it was for Daddy. But now you are very good at this and seem to love to wave at everyone and will even wave to Nana on Skype. You also enjoy waving to yourself and will turn your hand so you can see you palm and then you will give yourself a few little waves. It is too cute as you seem to find it a little too funny and will sweetly laugh to yourself.

We are now working on you waving good bye at the correct time.

You continue to crawl all over the place and have no problem going to sitting to standing. You have started to crawl over things like pillows and piles of blankets. Daddy's legs being your favorite.

You have started to let go and try standing on your own, you don't really have the hang of it yet as you can only stay standing for a few seconds before landing on your bum.

I was saying to your Father that it seems like this month (and last month as well really) you have finally come in to your own and have really come out of your shell and become a very smiley happy baby. It may have taken you a while to get here, but that seems to be your personality. When we go somewhere new you will take your time check everything out and when you are ready you happily go off on your own and find something to explore or play with.

It has been so much fun seeing your personality come through. And like always I look forward to see you continue to grow into a beautiful little girl both on the inside and outside.



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