Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It has been about 6 months in the making but we have finally made it and are now in our new house!

We started packing about a month before our move so I have been living with boxes and what feel like chaos for a little too long for my liking and truth be told with all the unpacking that now needs to be done, I have a feeling that chaos will be around for a little bit longer. 

She didn't really help with any of the packing for some reason ;)

I just need to keep telling myself, "New House, New House" and no more living under the nosiest people ever! So all the packing and unpacking is worth it.

We first did what I call a mini move on the 16th the day we first possession. We thought it might be easier for Mike to finish things up without Rose or I getting in the way. And I think we were just a little too excited to be in our new home. So for four days it kind of felt like we were "camping" in our own home.

Then on the weekend it was finally the big move. I didn't  really doing much of the actual moving, Thank goodness! It's like I planned being pregnant at the perfect time. 

I just sat in a chair and told people were to put things. It was the best move I have ever been a part of! 

Now if only I didn't have to worry about the unpacking part. 

I'm just super glad that Mike has a lot of good friends and family who were willing to come out and help with this move. With all the help it sure made things go pretty smoothly. Only one hole in the wall thanks to a wonderful brother in law ;)

We are just loving being in our new home. And are looking forward to spending many wonderful years here.

First day in our new home and she decides to surprise us and shows us she can climb stairs without ever seeing them before. 

She loves having so much more room to crawl around and make me chase her all day long!


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