Saturday, January 17, 2015

11 Months

11 Months!!! I get a little bit teary eyed thinking about just how much you have grown!

Oh my sweet baby, I have to be honest this month has been so crazy busy with getting everything ready for the move and then trying to plan and prepare for Christmas. That I wasn't very good at making a mental list of all the way you have grown.

You are standing on your own for longer and longer periods of time.

No new teeth this month but with the way you have been drooling, and sucking on your two fingers  I feel like some could pop through at any moment.

This month you decided that Daddy can't no longer put you down for bed at night. You are okay with him putting you down for a nap but for some reason at the end of the day it has to be me or it is a waterfall of tears.

This month you did show how just how smart and adventurous you are as on the first day in our new home you climb right to the top of the stairs without ever seeing or being on stairs before. Gave me a heart attach!!!

Each month I love to see you grow and learn new things, it is just so amazing, But some days I sure do feel like I'm losing my little baby all too quickly.

She is like her Mommy and gets to excited for Christmas! 

A Special Monthly Photo for a Special Christmas Eve Photo,
plus I didn't know where I had packed my red sheet I was using. At least I knew where the bear was.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas Cheer and Projects!

This Christmas was a wee bit on the crazy side, wonderful but crazy. We moved 5 days before Christmas and my family were also coming down for a visit, and it was Rose's first Christmas so I wanted to make it a little bit special for her. So I felt that there was so much to do and very little time.

At first we had decided not to have a tree as we had gotten rid of our tree as it was very old and just not very nice anymore. So we thought we would wait till boxing day to get one, hoping that we could get a really good deal on a gorgeous tree. Well one night I went to Canadian Tire to get a garbage bin and couldn't help myself and came home with a Christmas tree as well. They had their trees on sale before Christmas and I felt I might as well get one.

Mike surprised me even more and set it up while I was out. And I'm just so happy it worked out that way, it really was so nice having a tree.

With my all my family coming to us for the holidays, I had a few projects in mind for all of us to do! After all a family that works together stays together!

First on the list was cleaning our old place. Holy Cow, was it dirty! Made me feel like the worst cleaner in the world! Thankfully having many hands sure made it go by a lot quicker. I was so grateful for the help because I think that if it was just Mike and I it would have taken days!

We even got it all done with enough time to get back to our new home and cook a nice Christmas eve dinner for everyone plus Mike's parents. That night we were also able to share one of my family's Christmas traditions with them and read the Christmas story from Luke and singing of silent night (not very good singing but thankfully that's not the point).

Rose getting to open a few gifts early

Enjoying her toys from Mike's Parents 
The other Christmas eve tradition, New Pj's!!
Christmas day was wonderful, just watching Rose opening her presents or trying to , then playing with everything she got. It was really sweet, but I do have to say I think she might have liked all the attention we were giving her a little more then her gifts! I know she won't remember this Christmas but it will be so nice to show her the videos and all the picture we took and tell her how much she was spoiled by those who loved her the most.

She is not very impressed with me

She has yet to learn that she needs to smile for the camera. 

After all the wonderful Christmas day celebrations, it was back to the projects! My family was thrilled! I had big plans for the 3 bedrooms. I had ordered some beautiful stencils and wanted to paint a feature wall in each of the rooms. Each stencil was challenging in it's own way. So there were a few late nights and frustrating moments but we got them done! Thank goodness otherwise I fear it would have taken me a year to get them done by myself. But all our hard work really paid off because I think they look fantastic! I'm so so very happy with how they all turned out. And I owe a huge thanks to my family cause let's be honest they did most of the work. ;)

Look how happy he is to be helping
I did do a little as well
Even with things being so crazy, I couldn't ask for a better Christmas holiday. It was so very special to be in our very first home and it was wonderful to have family all around.