Saturday, January 17, 2015

11 Months

11 Months!!! I get a little bit teary eyed thinking about just how much you have grown!

Oh my sweet baby, I have to be honest this month has been so crazy busy with getting everything ready for the move and then trying to plan and prepare for Christmas. That I wasn't very good at making a mental list of all the way you have grown.

You are standing on your own for longer and longer periods of time.

No new teeth this month but with the way you have been drooling, and sucking on your two fingers  I feel like some could pop through at any moment.

This month you decided that Daddy can't no longer put you down for bed at night. You are okay with him putting you down for a nap but for some reason at the end of the day it has to be me or it is a waterfall of tears.

This month you did show how just how smart and adventurous you are as on the first day in our new home you climb right to the top of the stairs without ever seeing or being on stairs before. Gave me a heart attach!!!

Each month I love to see you grow and learn new things, it is just so amazing, But some days I sure do feel like I'm losing my little baby all too quickly.

She is like her Mommy and gets to excited for Christmas! 

A Special Monthly Photo for a Special Christmas Eve Photo,
plus I didn't know where I had packed my red sheet I was using. At least I knew where the bear was.


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