Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pregnancy Number 2

Seeing how I'm now past the 37 week mark I thought I better get this up sooner rather then later.  With this pregnancy it has been really different when  I compare it to my pregnancy.

The first big different is that for this pregnancy we didn't need any medical help to get pregnant! Which was something that I was worried about, after Rose was born I couldn't help but wonder would I be able to get pregnant again? Would we have to go through a year of trying before the doctors would do anything to help us? Would the clomid work for us again? I had what felt like a million questions when thinking about the possibility of a second child. So when we found out we were pregnant although it was a surprise it was the best surprise ever! And thankfully saved us from a lot of stress that we had to go through with Rose. 

Don't hate me but I really feel I have had a pretty easy pregnancy **knock on wood** (so far I still could have 2 or more weeks to go). There was a few days in the first trimester were I felt sick but thankfully never threw up. Smells seem to bother me a little more this time around. In particular in our old place there was a smell coming from our pantry cupboard that bothered me to no end and for the longest time I just could not figure out what it was coming from. So one day when it really was just making me feel so ill I just lost it and threw a bunch of stuff out, which did get rid of the smell. But part of me wonders if it was just the fact that when I had that major freak out I was entering the second trimester so that could have played a part on why the smell went away. 

In the second trimester I did have big problems with my asthma. I have not had any problems with my asthma for over five years now. So it has not been on my radar for a while. So when I first started to have breathing problems I just chalked it up to being pregnant and maybe baby was pushing on my lungs or something. I wasn't worried about it and thought it would just fix its self. It wasn't till one night when I was washing the dogs when I was hit with a really bad asthma attack so much so that I didn't have enough breath to even talk. I had Mike call my midwives and no surprise they told me to get to the hospital. There I was really luckily and I was able to see a respiratory therapist so she sorted me out with an inhaler and sent me on my way. The inhaler did help but it felt like I was using it every hour and ran out much quicker then I should have. So I went to see my family doctor and along with my regular inhaler she gave me some strong stuff. Which did help a lot and since taking it I have been much better and have only needed my regular inhaler a few times. I was so happy to get it all sorted and now not having to worry about being able to breath or not. I was a little worried about taken all those drugs and how it would affect the baby, but as I was told by my doctor and midwives if I can't breath then my baby can't breath. So I took comfort in the fact that if I was breathing better so was my baby. It was definitely a situation where the benefits out weighted the risks.

So far in the third trimester things have been pretty good. Yes, I'm getting bigger so it make it hard to bend over, pick up Rose, I move a lot slower, I get tired faster, I have a hard try getting comfortable when trying to go to sleep, the baby pushes on my bladder creating the need to go pee a million times a day, I seem to have heartburn all the time (although I think I had worse heartburn while pregnant with Rose) even with all that I really feel I have had a pretty easy pregnancy.

Now it is just waiting for baby deciding to show up. I still have a few things I need to complete from my "To Do List" so I'm hoping that she gives me another week or so to get everything done before she shows up.

I know we pregnant ladies love to complain about being pregnant (I think it's a hormone thing) But really we know what a blessing it truly is. And I'm so grateful that I get to experience it. Feeling all those little (and sometime not so little) kicks and hiccups makes up for all that heartburn. And then when the magical moment arrives and I get to hold my sweet little baby for the first time it is worth every sleepless night, those horrible moments when you can't get your own shoes on or all those trip to the bathroom. Even if we were like elephants and were pregnant for 95 weeks, I would do it and learn to love it!

(but I'm glad that we are not elephants! 95 weeks!?!?! oh man that is a long time!)

Me at 37 weeks