Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Month Two with Baby #2

Time really does go by way too fast! You are suppose to stay my sweet little newborn forever. Or at least that is how I wish it would work (some days more then others). But as you grow we get to enjoy watching you learn and explore your world.

I'm predicting that you will love to exploring as you are always looking around trying to take it all in. You look around so much that you have created a nice little bold spot on the back of you head. Thank goodness for hats and bonnets.

You love to smile, and give Me and your Daddy just the nicest smile all the time. This past Sunday you for the first time gave your Sister a great big smile! It was just so sweet, I hope that is a sign that you to will be the best of friends.

New this month is that you are starting to learn that you can make other sounds then just crying sounds. There has even been a few times were I swear it sounded like you gave us a little giggle.

So far you have been doing pretty good in the sleep department. Yes, some nights are better then others but for the most part I only need to feed you twice during the night. Which I'm really happy and hopefully you just keeping going longer and longer between feeds.

For your naps, you have been doing really well for your morning nap but after that you just don't seem to go down for any after that. Maybe I'm letting you sleep too long for your morning nap as some days you will sleep for 3 hours but then not really nap the rest of the day. Hopefully we'll get that sorted out sooner rather then later.

Oh My Sweet little baby, it is such a joy to have you here with us. Our home maybe be a little less clean, and we may run out of clean clothes faster then we should but it is worth it having you in our lives. Your sweet smile and squishy baby cuddles make those piles of dishes and those loads of clothes seem very unimportant.


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