Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Month 5 with Baby #2

Another moth has come and gone. Why does it always go by so quickly!?!?!

The big new skill this month is that you can now roll over from your back to your stomach. Although you don't seem to really like this new trick that you can do. It has caused a little bit of disruptions of your naps as sometimes you roll over in your sleep, which is not fun for anyone. Hopefully you will soon learn how to roll both ways soon.

This past month you went on your first big trip, just us girls. We went to your Grandpa Werner's family reunion. And you were so good in the car. I couldn't believe it. You didn't nap as long as I was hoping for but that didn't seem to bother you as you played happy with a top for hours. It was only about 30 minutes to we arrived when you started to get fussy. I need to stop being so surprised when you are so good as I feel you have your Father's easy going attitude.

Although the reunion was fun, not having regular naps did seem to affect you as you were a little more fussy than usual. But you took it in your stride and as long as you were held you seem to be okay and lucky there were a lot of willing hands to hold you.

Sleep has seem to take a little bit of a setback as you are waking more often and are struggling to go back to sleep between feeds. I really have no idea what is going on but I'm hoping that it is just a phase and will quickly pass.

You and you sister have started to have conversations with each other. You will start talking and she loves to come over and talk back to you. It makes you so happy and excited. And you will talk even more and give her lots of sweet smiles. I'm so glad that you two have each. I can see the love growing between you tow already, and I hope you will always be there for each other.

Your big sister has also made up a new game to play with you. She loves to bring you toys and sometimes she lets you keep them and sometimes she doesn't. Luckily you aren't too bothered at this point you just get so excited when she comes right and smiles at you.

Your sweet smile as so infectious it brings so much joy to our home.

I'm so glad you are here with us.


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