Saturday, August 1, 2015

6 Months with Baby #2

Wow, we are six months in, the halfway mark to your first trip around the sun. I know I sound like a broken record but time goes by way too fast.

You have given us an endless amount of joy, smiles and giggles this month.

You really are the sweetest baby, so easy going and really happy go luckily. We do have our ups and downs. This past month you did have a few weeks were you just didn't seem to be yourself. You needed me to hold you more often and give you lots of attention. And at night you were waking up more than normal and the most frustrating thing is that you were not falling back asleep in between feeds. It was a hard couple of weeks but luckily we are back to normal and you are giving us lots of your lovely smiles.

You have learned to roll both ways this month which has helped you be able to move all around. You can roll and squirm all around the room, which can lead to trouble. But it is so fun to see you grow and be able to go for toys that grab your attention.

You are not yet sitting which surprises as you seem to have so much upper body strength. I'm sure that it will happen soon enough.

Your bottom two teeth popped up this month. And you were such a champ about it. I didn't even know you were teething! So you passed that test with flying colours. Hopefully the rest of your teeth come in just like these two.

My favorite thing this month (like every month) is seeing you play and laugh with your sister. She really can make you laugh like no one else. She really does love you and loves to try and help you. Often when you start to get upset she runs and brings you a toy to try and make you happy. It really is sweet the only down fall is that sometimes she throw you a not so soft toy which needless to say makes you cry a whole lot more. She means well.

Can't wait to see how much you will learn and grow next month.

She sure it a cutie!


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