Saturday, October 3, 2015

Month 7 with Baby #2

Well it has been another month full of giggles and smiles.

This month you made to trips two British Columbia. The first was to say goodbye to your dear sweet great Aunt. And although you were only to meet her one in this life, but you had a sweet moment with which brought smile to both of your faces.

The second was a fun family trip to Vancouver. With both trips you were really good with all that traveling. You seem to enjoy the car ride. And what really seem to help in that you seem to have no problem falling asleep in the car.

You went swimming for the first time this month, and you were quite the little fish. You loved to kick your legs in the water and splashing your sister! You seemed to enjoy it so much. It was wonderful hearing you laugh and giggle.

Your relationship with your sister continues to grow. Often it seems like you two have a lot of inside jokes as you two will just laugh and laugh. It really is the greatest thing to hear. I hope that you two will always be able laugh like that together.

One thing that has be a little bit of a strain on your relationship is that you are starting to know your own mind. And you are starting to know what toys you like and don't like. But often the toys you like are the same toys that Rose likes so she often takes them from you, which as you could have guessed leaves you in tears. But sometimes you turn the tables on her because as you have grown, and gain some strength so a few times when she has tried to take a toy away you have kept a hold of it! This has led to her shedding a few tears.

You are becoming more mobile. You can now get up on your hands and knees, once there you love to rock back and forth. It is as if you are just warming up to crawling, which I feel is not far away. You have also decided that you can sit up on your own by yourself finally. That seem to take forever. 

You are starting "talking" a lot more now; "da-da" seems to be your favorite at the moment. Which pleases Mike to no end.

You had two more teeth pop through this month and luckily for me once again it happen with no fuss at all.

You are truly a blessing in our lives, we love you so much. Can wait for the next month!

Just look at that sweet smile.


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