Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fairy Garden

My Mother loved (and still does) all things fairies, elves and all creatures magical, so growing up that love was also planted deep inside me. Although I have kept it hidden for a few years I recently have been able to share this love in a lovely little project called a fairy garden. 

This project has been on my to-do list for a while now but only recently I have been able to put it into fruition. And really wasn't hard to do at all, so it is a little shameful it took me this long to get to it! 

The fairy house was took me the longest but even then it really didn't that me too long. First was getting all the supplies, I purchased most of the items for the dollar store! So it made these project pretty cheap as well, which is always nice because then I don't feel so bad doing another craft project!

So if you are interested this is how it all came together.

For the fairy house I used a cute little bird house, first I painted it. Green where I was going to put moss, brown where I was going to put sticks, white where I was going to put the shells, and red where I was going to put the buttons.

I took a picture before I painted the chimney red

Once the paint was dry, it was time to glue everything down! I just used my handy little glue and it seemed to take no time at all. I'll admit the hardest part for me was the roof! I knew I really wanted to use the shells for the roof but I just couldn't really picture how it was going to work! But in the end I think it turned out really well.

Then when I was done with the house, it was time to make a little garden. I bought the pot, dirt and flowers for Canadian tire but one could really pick this stuff any place they sell flowers!

One very important tip make sure the pot you buys has holes on the bottom so the water can drain out and you also need to put a thin layer of gravel  at the bottom of the pot before you put the dirt in again this is to let any extra water drain out.

Then you put it all together in whatever way pleases you most!

I did go out and buy  a few special little items to give the garden a little more of a fairy feel to it. The little bench, and sign and sparkly blue rocks. When I saw those little sparkly blue rocks my heart skipped a beat, they were perfect! I just had to have them! Now they are also my little girls favorite thing and I now find little sparkly rocks everywhere I shouldn't!

I left lots of room to add things as I hope that as the summer goes by the girls can add any special items they may come across. That way they can really make it feel like theirs as well.

If you have a special garden,
Where flowers and herbs abound.
Then take a pinch of fairy dust,
And sprinkle it around.
The fairies will take notice,
And at the end of the day.
They'll tiptoe out upon the grass,
And dance the night away.
Carla J.Nelson


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

18 Months

My oh my. You are 18 months old, my little toddler. You are a bundle of energy that keeps me on my toes all day long! In these past six months since your first birthday you have grown so much! It is the most amazing thing to watch. To see you make new discover about the world around you, and to watch you test your own limits it is wonderful to see.

You love to run, spin, dance around and "jump" (you can't really jump you do this funny little move were you bend your knees and throw your head back. It is quite funny!) It is incredible to see how strong and adventurous you have become in just this past 6 months. You love to test your limits, but unfortunately it has led to a few bumps and bruises but you have survived.

You are doing more baby signing, which seems to help lessen your tantrums. You often surprise me on the signs that you have picked up as I will have been signing a certain word for months and then all of a sudden you with sign it to me. I find it very impressive; maybe it because I'm your Mother but I just feel you are just so smart to be able to pick these signs up and then use them appropriately. I just wish I knew more so that I could continue to make it easier for you to be able to communicate your wants and needs. You will often do a little "happy dance" when we figure out what you are trying to tell us.

Your new signs are, help, banana, cookie, cheese, book, sad, cracker, sleep, please, and thank you.

And with the baby signs you are starting to add words, which it just so much fun. Your new words are "cheese", "sock", "baby", "no", "Dada", and you finally started saying "Mama" again which makes me so happy. And now more often you will try to copy us when we say a word slowly for you. It is a lot of fun to hear you try and talk to us.

You are turning into such a book worm as you enjoy "reading" books all on your own. You will find a nice little reading spot, often the bottom stair and sit there and read to yourself for quite some time. And recently you have being requesting a book when you lay down for a nap or the night. I hope your love of books only continues to grow for your whole life.

You are the sweetest big sister. You love to bring your baby sister toys, although you don't really let her play with them as you will bring her a toy then quickly take it away then bring her a different toy and do it all again. You love giving her hugs and kisses and you are getting better at being gentle when you do shower her with love. You love to play "peek a boo" with her and can make her laugh like nobody else. You two are going to be the best of friends and most loving sisters. I'm so glad you two have each other.

It is also fun to see your personality shine through. You are a sweet, kind, lovable, fun, curious, adventurous little girl. And I feel so honored that am the one who gets to lead and guide you down this road call life.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

One year with Baby #2

I can’t believe that it truly has been one full! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! And we have had so much fun with you over this past year. All your funny faces and cheeky looks to love to give us just make us laugh so much!

Your big accomplishment this past month is that you took your first step!! And now you have worked your way up to four steps! But I still wouldn’t say that you are walking yet as usually one or two of those steps are more on the falling side then walking side of things. But I’m sure it will be any day now.

This month you have had 3 of your molars come in, which take you up to 11 teeth in total so far! And the wonderful thing is that you really have been taking it like a champ, as you really didn’t show any signs that you were teething!! Hopefully that trend continues as we will have a few more teeth to go!
Sleep has also being going really great this past month! (Knock on wood) You have had a few 5 am wake up calls for me this month but luckily most of the time you will go back to sleep for a few hours after a feed you. But sadly there has also been a few mornings where you thought getting up at 5am was a great idea and we started the day nice and early. If would be nice to get rid of those!

You can say two words very clearly now, “Hi” and “Uh-oh!” To be honest you have been saying uh-oh for a while now, I think you started to say it close to your 11 month mark. You are learning your words from your sister and she is the one that you will talk to most of the time. She say “hi”, then you say “hi”, then she says it back to you and then both of you will burst into laughter as if you had just come up with the world’s funniest joke! It is so sweet to watch.

Each day is another delight as you always seem to find a way to put a smile on all our faces. And your beautiful infectious laugh can always get us going. You are such a joy and is truly is such a blessing to have you in our lives.

I look forward to each new day with you. 

This month you made it so difficult to get a picture. 
You kept jumping all over the elephant and just won't keep still! 

I had to add this one as well just because you look so proud of yourself standing up all by yourself. I just find it so cute! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

11 Month with Baby #2

Holy Cow!!! This month has just flown by!! I can't believe that we have only one month left till your first birthday!!!

So this month I would say that you have officially started cruising! It has taken you so long! I thought you were going to skip it. Especially since you just love to try and stand on your own. The funny thing is with the whole cruising milestone is you don't really seem to like it all that much! You still would much rather crawl everywhere. We'll see if next month you will start to enjoy it more.

You have finally turned your sleeping habits around. You have been sleeping through the night most nights. Finally!!!!! Let's keep this going! A few nights you have woken up at 5am but luckily you will go back to sleep for a few hours which is so nice! It has been to get some regular sleep.

You and your sister are playing so much more together. It is just so sweet to hear you two laughing together. And for the most point there are very little tears involved. When there are a few tears it is often because your older sister gets a little too rough with you or steps on you for some reason. I have no idea why she suddenly decided to step on you; hopefully she gets over that soon.

I just can't get over how fast time has flown by! Next month you will be O-N-E! My sweet little baby is turning into a sweet little toddler!

Monday, January 25, 2016

2 Years

2 years! T-W-O whole years!! I can't believe that it has been 2 years since we brought you home! And it has been amazing! You have grown so much, and it feels like it has all happened in a blink of an eye! You came home with us as a cute little squishy bundle of joy to this lively, funny, amazing, independent, sweet toddler.

You are speaking more and more words and you are starting to put them together in longer sentences (two or three words) and the best part is that your words are becoming more understandable! This has been lovely! It has led to a few less tears!

You are starting to learn your colours. You are doing great at saying the colours but labeling them correctly is another story. But I'm sure we’ll get there soon enough!

You are also recognizing your letters. And now whenever you see some you will say all the letters you know, "A, B, C, P, Q, S,T" Then mumble through the rest! We'll have to work on learning the rest of the alphabet.

When you now play you are now starting to perpend more and more. We now have little tea parties, in which you have me drink and endless supply of "tea". You also love to take care of your stuffies and wrap them up a blanket and rock them to sleep. And much to your Father's pride you love driving around your cars around and always add in the sound effects to go with them! Vroom! Vrooooooom!!!

As you continue to grow you have started to show your independence. This although a very good thing it now takes forever to get out the door has you have to do up your coat all by yourself! But the upside is you are much better at putting in your shoes on by yourself. But luckily even with this new found independence you still love to cuddle!!! This is so nice as you still fit so perfectly on my shoulder.

Sadly there is a dark side to this post....we have entered the Terrible T-W-Os!! And you seem to have read that memo and taken it to heart as you can turn from the sweetest little girl in the world to a scary hot mess of a little monster in a second! It blows my mind!!! I do feel part of the whole problem is that you don't yet have enough words to express your wants and needs so you get frustrated. Hopefully I can teach you the words to better express yourself and maybe just maybe we'll have a few less meltdowns! Fingers Crossed!!!

It has been amazing to watch you grow; it is so awesome to watch you discover things for the first time. It helps waken the child like wonder in myself, which I feel as been asleep for too long. Your ability to find humor in the simplest things helps me be grateful for all the wonderful things we have in our life. I love learning from you and I hope you can learn a little from me along the way as well.  

Sunday, January 3, 2016

10 Months with Baby 2

Wow! We have hit the 10 month mark in some ways I really can't believe it! It truly feels like you just got there! i swear it was just yesterday we were in the car driving  hoe with you. I can remember looking in the back of the car and you were sleeping peacefully and i was still in a bit of shock on how quickly it had all happened and the fact that I now had two beautiful daughters!!

Oh you were so little! But now look at you! You have grown so much this past month you have improved you standing skills, you no longer need low items to help you stand as you can now go from sit to stand pretty much anywhere! You have this "game “where when you are standing you will let go of whatever you are holding on to and then wave your hands violently in the air. At this stage you always end up falling on you bottom but you laugh and think it hilarious!

At the start of this month you were doing better with your sleeping and yet the last few weeks of this month have been really rough. Your naps are still going well although they seem to be getting shorter. But when I put you down for the night! On the really bad nights you take forever to fall sleep. And it doesn't matter what we seem to do pick you up, don't pick you up, going and talk sweetly, don't do that, etc.! You will cry and cry and cry! It is heartbreaking! And I have no idea what is wrong. I don't feel any teeth coming in and you are not sick???? Who knows!!!But then randomly you will turn back into my good sleeping baby and will go to sleep within 5 minutes of putting you down without a peep! Hopefully those nights will start to be not so random.

One thing I haven't been so good on updating you on this how you are doing with solid food! We are not doing baby led weaning with you mostly due how anxious I feel when you are eating real food! So this time we started very slowly, doing the whole baby cereal at 6 months, and then after a bit I would add in pureed fruit and veggies in. That went over well, but I get so nervous giving you real food. Your Dad is must better at letting you try regular food. But this last month I have been really pushing myself to overcome my fears and you are doing great!!! No problems at all. Your favorite frozen peas and sliced bread!

You really continue to amazing me each month. Your little personality is shining through! You are always giving us this little cheeky smile as if you are about to get away with something big! You continue to develop a wonderful relationship with your sister! Although you are starting to express your dislike for her when she takes your toys away! Hopefully you two will learn to share sooner rather than later!

Till next month!