Sunday, January 3, 2016

10 Months with Baby 2

Wow! We have hit the 10 month mark in some ways I really can't believe it! It truly feels like you just got there! i swear it was just yesterday we were in the car driving  hoe with you. I can remember looking in the back of the car and you were sleeping peacefully and i was still in a bit of shock on how quickly it had all happened and the fact that I now had two beautiful daughters!!

Oh you were so little! But now look at you! You have grown so much this past month you have improved you standing skills, you no longer need low items to help you stand as you can now go from sit to stand pretty much anywhere! You have this "game “where when you are standing you will let go of whatever you are holding on to and then wave your hands violently in the air. At this stage you always end up falling on you bottom but you laugh and think it hilarious!

At the start of this month you were doing better with your sleeping and yet the last few weeks of this month have been really rough. Your naps are still going well although they seem to be getting shorter. But when I put you down for the night! On the really bad nights you take forever to fall sleep. And it doesn't matter what we seem to do pick you up, don't pick you up, going and talk sweetly, don't do that, etc.! You will cry and cry and cry! It is heartbreaking! And I have no idea what is wrong. I don't feel any teeth coming in and you are not sick???? Who knows!!!But then randomly you will turn back into my good sleeping baby and will go to sleep within 5 minutes of putting you down without a peep! Hopefully those nights will start to be not so random.

One thing I haven't been so good on updating you on this how you are doing with solid food! We are not doing baby led weaning with you mostly due how anxious I feel when you are eating real food! So this time we started very slowly, doing the whole baby cereal at 6 months, and then after a bit I would add in pureed fruit and veggies in. That went over well, but I get so nervous giving you real food. Your Dad is must better at letting you try regular food. But this last month I have been really pushing myself to overcome my fears and you are doing great!!! No problems at all. Your favorite frozen peas and sliced bread!

You really continue to amazing me each month. Your little personality is shining through! You are always giving us this little cheeky smile as if you are about to get away with something big! You continue to develop a wonderful relationship with your sister! Although you are starting to express your dislike for her when she takes your toys away! Hopefully you two will learn to share sooner rather than later!

Till next month!


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