Wednesday, February 3, 2016

11 Month with Baby #2

Holy Cow!!! This month has just flown by!! I can't believe that we have only one month left till your first birthday!!!

So this month I would say that you have officially started cruising! It has taken you so long! I thought you were going to skip it. Especially since you just love to try and stand on your own. The funny thing is with the whole cruising milestone is you don't really seem to like it all that much! You still would much rather crawl everywhere. We'll see if next month you will start to enjoy it more.

You have finally turned your sleeping habits around. You have been sleeping through the night most nights. Finally!!!!! Let's keep this going! A few nights you have woken up at 5am but luckily you will go back to sleep for a few hours which is so nice! It has been to get some regular sleep.

You and your sister are playing so much more together. It is just so sweet to hear you two laughing together. And for the most point there are very little tears involved. When there are a few tears it is often because your older sister gets a little too rough with you or steps on you for some reason. I have no idea why she suddenly decided to step on you; hopefully she gets over that soon.

I just can't get over how fast time has flown by! Next month you will be O-N-E! My sweet little baby is turning into a sweet little toddler!


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