Saturday, March 5, 2016

One year with Baby #2

I can’t believe that it truly has been one full! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! And we have had so much fun with you over this past year. All your funny faces and cheeky looks to love to give us just make us laugh so much!

Your big accomplishment this past month is that you took your first step!! And now you have worked your way up to four steps! But I still wouldn’t say that you are walking yet as usually one or two of those steps are more on the falling side then walking side of things. But I’m sure it will be any day now.

This month you have had 3 of your molars come in, which take you up to 11 teeth in total so far! And the wonderful thing is that you really have been taking it like a champ, as you really didn’t show any signs that you were teething!! Hopefully that trend continues as we will have a few more teeth to go!
Sleep has also being going really great this past month! (Knock on wood) You have had a few 5 am wake up calls for me this month but luckily most of the time you will go back to sleep for a few hours after a feed you. But sadly there has also been a few mornings where you thought getting up at 5am was a great idea and we started the day nice and early. If would be nice to get rid of those!

You can say two words very clearly now, “Hi” and “Uh-oh!” To be honest you have been saying uh-oh for a while now, I think you started to say it close to your 11 month mark. You are learning your words from your sister and she is the one that you will talk to most of the time. She say “hi”, then you say “hi”, then she says it back to you and then both of you will burst into laughter as if you had just come up with the world’s funniest joke! It is so sweet to watch.

Each day is another delight as you always seem to find a way to put a smile on all our faces. And your beautiful infectious laugh can always get us going. You are such a joy and is truly is such a blessing to have you in our lives.

I look forward to each new day with you. 

This month you made it so difficult to get a picture. 
You kept jumping all over the elephant and just won't keep still! 

I had to add this one as well just because you look so proud of yourself standing up all by yourself. I just find it so cute! 


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