Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Baby Turned 3

My Dear Little Rose,

It is hard to wrap my head around that the fact that it was 3 years ago that you made your way into this world. It was a long and tiring labour but it was all worth it when I got to look into your sweet  little face. It really was love at first sight. 

And after 3 years I'm still falling in love every day. Although sometimes there is a little less love than others. (the joys of being toddler)

I know I'm your mother and maybe a slightly bias but I swear you're just the sweetest little girl ever! You are have a very big heart and feel things very strongly. Sometimes that can lead to a lot of tears and other times it can lead to a lot of kind and caring moments. You are sensitive to the needs of all those around you, especially your sister. When she gets hust or upset you are very quick to come to her side and give her some hugs and love. The funny thing is that sometimes it is your actions that have caused her to get upset and yet you still quick to go by her side and try to calm her down and also explain in your toddler way that it's "Rose's turn" to play with that toy. 

You have grown so much, your commutation has improved so much even over just the past few months. You have no trouble telling me what you are in need of every moment of the day. You still have a few toddler words, my favorite is that instead of saying pumpkin you say "pum-cake". It is adorable! I love it so much that I won't correct you so hopefully that won't set you back too badly.

I love to watch you dance and sing, and to see your imagination grow. Lately your favorite things seems to be "becoming" things. You  most often are either a lion, tiger, dinosaur or a scary snowman, all of which go roar! Serving your father or I lemonade or tea seem to be a close second in favorite prepare play.

You are my little cuddle bug, as you still love to get lots of hugs from me and you will often request "some love" most days. And although a lot of those requests come when I'm knee deep in something else, I do my best to comply with your request as I fear that those requests will end all too soon.

It is a joy to have you be part of our little family, you bring light and laughter to our lives. You are a great big sister and a kind friend to all those around you. (Although sharing is still perfect hard thing to do.) I love you more then words can express and I hope that as your mother I can help lead and guide you on your way to becoming a wonderful woman.


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