Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Baby #2 is now Two!!!

Wow! They say "Time Flies when you're having fun!" And with you my sweet Violet it couldn't be more true! I can't believe that you are now two years old! For me it really does feel like just the other day we brought you home from the hospital.

Over you past year you have grown leaps and bounds, you started walking just before your first birthday and it felt like that very quickly after you started to run! Mostly to keep up with your big sister. You do very much love to do everything you can to keep up with her. And now sometimes you will even pass her!

That is the way it feels like with every milestone, you seem to meet it sooner then your sister and it feels like it is so that you can keep up and play with her. And she is very good and showing you the way to do things and often will wait for you and give you lots of encouragement and support on your way. The relationship that you have with your sister is the thing that I have loved to see grow the most. You two do everything together, run together, play together, get in trouble together and of course you fight together! When you are upset you will run to her for comfort and love just as often as you run to me for that love. I'm so glad that you two are building that foundation of love and support and I hope that you two keep that foundation strong for all your lives. Family is so important and is often thrown away too easily and quickly.

Right now your favorite words seem to be "mine" and "no" which has made life oh so fun at times. What makes all those "no's" a little but easier to deal with is the looks that come with them. You have the best death stare around. It is oh so serious and yet it is very hard not to crack a smile when you shoot me your evil stare and in your most serious voice say "No!" I just can not stay mad for long with that face. Although let's be honest some days all those "no's" really do get to me!

You are talking in real sentences more and more and some days it takes me by surprise with what  you string together as you let me know just what you are in need of. One of your favorite sentences or at least you say it quite a bit is "There is no poo in my body." You will often tell me this as I take your sister to the toilet. It always put a smile on my face. What makes it even better is that you always say it with such a stone cold sober look in which you are doing your best to convey that it is the most important information on the planet!

You continue to show us all the facets of your personality, you are brave and have no problems trying new things or going new places, which at times has given me a heart attack or two! You are very strong minded and when your mind's made up there is nothing that anyone can do to change it! I know I will never have to worry about anyone pushing you around! Although at this point that strong mindedness has led me to pull out a hair or two! This has also lead to you showing your desire to be fiercely independent. It feels like with everything you tell me "No! I do it!" or "No! I get!" And you will spend FOREVER working on completing whatever task you have decided you will do by yourself. Needless to say some days it feels like it take hours to leave the house.  You also has a lovely sweet side and often shows itself with how you treat your dolls with so much gentleness and the way you run to give you sister hugs and kisses when ever she is upset. You love to laugh and sing and seem to be able to find the humor in situations. Like when you are mad and you will shoot me an extreme scowl which will include a very pouty lip and furrowed brow. Often I will give you that same look right back and you can't help but crack a smile and end up in my arms laughing forgetting all about why you were so upset in the first place.

I love getting to know you, and I'm so glad that I get to be the one who you call Mom. I know every day is a gift and I deeply treasure every moment with you. I look forward to this coming year as you continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

She just would not smile no matter what I did!!!

I love looking back and seeing how much you have grown!!! 


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