Monday, April 10, 2017

Pregnancy Number 3

From the very start this pregnancy was drastically different from my last two pregnancies. The first thing is that I had the "pleasure" of experiencing true blue morning sickness or as it should be called all day everyday sickness. Not just feeling a little "off" like I did when I was pregnant with my girls but the running to the bathroom which felt like happened way too often throughout the day. Which has lead me to be able to feel a lot more empathy for those who have experienced morning sickness far worse then me. Thankfully it only lasted the first trimester and "knock on wood" it will pass over me in these last few weeks. My heart truly does go out to those women who are sick pretty much the whole nine months!!! That would just be awful!

Really this time around every pregnancy symptom has happened sooner and has been more intense this time around. My funny nose pain I get, came on  really strong, and there were days that I truly just wanted to rip my nose off! It's hard for me to accurately describe just how painful it is and weird it feels all at the same time. The other odd thing about this particular pregnancy symptom is that chewing large amounts of gum seems to lessen the pain and strange feeling. So needless to say I thought a lot of gum the first three months. Thankfully it only lasted the first trimester. (again knock on wood)

Gratefully the second trimester was pretty easy going, except for the fact that I pretty much grew to the size of a whale! It was like my body was like "Oh! You are growing a baby, you need to get at least a million times bigger for this to happen." Which has been lovely! At least I know the baby is well protected with lots of padding! The other thing that got a lot worse in this trimester is this pulling, stretching feeling I get on the top of my belly. It comes on really anytime I'm trying to be productive! I had it with the girls but like all my other pregnancy symptoms it was a lot more intense this time around. With the girls when that pain started I would just rub my belly a bit and it would pass in a reasonable amount of time and I would be able to carry on with whatever I was doing. But this time around that just didn't work. I would have to sit down and wait for it to pass. Which has meant everything I did took soooo much longer. It is quite frustrating. If I was able to get one thing done, beside the normal day to day watch/play with the girls and everything that goes with keeping them alive and happy everyday, and then cooking/feeding myself, and having something ready for when Mike got home or at the very least had a plan and then he cooked it when he got home, I felt pretty good about myself.

In these last few months, when people ask "so how are you feeling?" The best answer I can give is "big and everything that goes with it!" I waddled around, moan and groan whenever I have to stand up, sit down, pick something up off the ground, pretty much any movement is difficult at the moment. And let's be honest these past few weeks, if something falls to the ground it not longer exist to me. Unless the girls are willing to pick it up and give it to me, which thankfully they have been really good about doing.

I know this all sounds like a big long complaint and in some ways that is completely true. But I would never trade it away, I loved the moment when I found out I was pregnant again, I felt a whole rainbow of wonderful emotions. I was immediately filled with excitement, joy, gratitude, awe, and love. I also felt especially relieved, because for some unknown reason for us getting pregnant does not come as easily or as quickly as it does for others. As I have stated before we needed medical help to get pregnant with Rose. (Thankfully for us, not as much as a lot of people who deal with infertility). And then Violet truly was the best surprise in our lives, just "magically" I was pregnant one day. That was the best shock I got in my life! With what we went through with Rose, I was sincerely scared of even beginning to think about if we could have more children and what that journey would look like. So to just wake up and be pregnant was the best thing that could have happened to us. It gave me the confidence to be willing to go through that journey of trying for a third baby, if we decided go that road. Which obviously we did!!!

Another really sweet thing about this pregnancy is seeing the girls react to it. As I have grown they have become more engaged, always coming up to me and rubbing my belly and excitedly saying "I feel baby!" They love to come and give baby hugs and kisses, and when I'm moaning or groaning they come to me all concerned and say "Oh! Baby growing!" and rub my belly try to help ease the pain. Which is all just so sweet and cute. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that all this love and sweetness will continue after the baby is born.

I'm 40 weeks today, so if nothing happens this evening and I wake up tomorrow with a baby still in my belly that will be the longest I have ever been pregnant!!! I'm starting to feel a little impatient and frustrated but I just need to keep reminding myself he will come when it is the right time and if he needs to stay in a little bit longer to come out happy and healthy then that is just fine by me!

40 Weeks!!!


  1. Hang in there Elva! Thanks for sharing your journey and prego symptoms with baby number three! I really enjoy reading and hearing about women's personal experience. It's so incredible that life lives and develops inside of us and all that we experience to get those little people into the world! The night before Oliver arrived (#2), I let Heavenly Father know I didn't think I could carry him anymore. I was so uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised that contractions started around 2:30am that morning. Hope all goes well for his/her arrival:)