Sunday, May 28, 2017

One Month with Baby #3

We just flew past that one month mark!!!!! Maybe it feels that way because time seem to stand still as I waited for you to show up!

Time might have seemed to speed past this month but we were still able to fill it with some wonderful moments. Yes, a little less sleep but you have only been here on earth for 30 days so I'll let it slide.

You may be a little baby but you have already made a big impact in our lives and in our hearts. Your sisters adore you, they are always asking to cuddle with you and will not go to bed till they smother you with hugs and kisses. And so far they love to help out with you as well. They will go get your diapers for me, they will put in your soother when it falls out of your mouth although they sometimes do that a little more forcefully then I would like but you don't seem to mind. They also love to let me know when you spit up and get very concerned when I don't clean it up fast enough. There is no doubt about it you have the best big sisters.

I love to smother you with hugs and kisses as well! There is nothing greater than being able to cuddle with you and just try to soak you all in. Your sweet little face just melts my hearts. I love to just look into your eyes and try and guess what you are thinking as you take the world around you in. There must be a time or two that you don't like what you see as will you show your displeasure with a very grumpy face that includes a furrowed brow and extremely pouty lips. It is such a good little face I can't help but think your sister Violet must have taught it you as she has that look down as well.

It has only been a month and although I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what all your cries mean. I know the "I'm hungry" cry, the "I'm tired" cry and the "I just need to be held and bounced around" cry.  Speaking of your cries, when you are crying and  I don't get to you fast enough (cause I'm taking care of one of your sisters) you are not afraid to let me know as you will let loose your velociraptor type yell/cry which is much too powerful for someone who is as small as you!

You have been gaining weight like a champ, when you were born you weighed 9 pounds and 1 ounce and at your last doctor's appointment you were 10 pounds 9 ounce. So you have gained a lot more weight than your sister's ever did in their first month. It will be interesting to see if you will surpass your sisters, and I have a feeling there is a good chance you will.

One big accomplishment you had this month is that you got your days and night all sorted out! Which is so wonderful as it is the first step to sleeping all through the night!   You are not yet sleeping through the night but I feel we are setting up a really good routine so fingers crossed that is not too far away!

Every day with you is so precious, some days may be a little more rough than others as I learn to be a mother to 3 little children, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I love this pictures because it captures one of the biggest things we have been dealing with, slit up! Lots and Lots of Spit Up! It's a good thing that we have lots of clothes for you because I'm having to change your outfit multiple times a day! 


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