Tuesday, June 27, 2017


We have been doing a lot of watching and waiting over the past few weeks.

First we waited for our creepy crawly friends to arrive

Then we watched them crawl around surrounded by their yummy food.

With all that food around we watched them grow and grow.

Eventually we watched them make themselves comfortable in their own chrysalis.

Which resulted in more waiting and waiting, and then some more waiting.

After a while we woke up to a wonderful surprise.... A Beautiful Butterfly!

We were over the moon.

We then had the pleasure of watching it stretch its wings and join us in waiting for her friends. We didn't wait long the next day 3 more decided it was time to show off their new wings. We had to wait one more day for the very last one to join the party.

We loved watching them stretch their wings and drink their sugar water and enjoyed them tasting their watermelon.

After a few days we said our goodbyes and watched them fly away. 

We have been talking about caterpillars and butterflies nonstop for the past few weeks.
 The girls have really enjoyed it and truth be told I have really loved it as well!  

Monday, June 26, 2017

2 Months with Baby Number 3

We have made it through another month. Like always it seems to go by much too quickly.

This month the thing that has occupied most is of my thoughts has been sleep. Specifically your naps during the day or what I really should say is lack of your naps!

I have to keep telling myself that you are still so new and just sorting things out. I usually have to tell myself that many times a day as I hold you and bounce you to help you get some sleep.

Thankfully you have be quite good at night. We have a great little routine going. Most nights (not all unfortunately)  you will have a feed around 8pm, and then you fall asleep for the night shortly after. Then around 10pm your Father will feed you with a bottle, by doing that you stay asleep during this feed and then will continue to sleep to any where from about 1am to 3am, which is just wonderful. The problem is that I have been enjoying the peace and quiet a little too much and instead of going to bed when you do, I stay up much too late. After you wake in the early morning you start to wake up around every two hours for a feed. So you definitely not sleeping through the night but we have a good start, so I'm really hoping that it just keeps getting better and better.

The highlight of this month is that you have started to smile! Real smiles, not just a in your sleep  smile or a smile because of a gas bubble. But real "happy to see you" smiles. Your smiles brighten everyone's day, when you smile at your sisters, they laugh and smile right back at you and then they do everything they can to get you to do it again.

And to your Father's delight you seem to save your best and biggest smiles for him. Which I'll be honest I have mixed feeling about as I have been the one holding and feeding you all day long!

But truth be told you and I have wonderful moments in the morning when you are ready to get up. In those moments you are well rested, and have a full belly, and you are just content that you will smile and give me your best efforts to tell me all about your dreams. Those moments are so precise to me, I won't trade them for anything even I few more hours of sleep!

I'm looking forward to the next month.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Becoming A Big Sister

I know that technically Rose already is big sister but with her being so young (13 months) when Violet showed up she didn't really understand what was happening. So for Rose, Violet has just always been with her so there was no role to grow into. Obviously for Violet she has become a big sister for the first time and it has been so lovely to see both of them grow into this new role.

Shortly after we came home with Keith, Rose had her ballet class. When Mike picked her up afterwards, her teacher ask if I had the baby. Mike told her yes and then she went on to say that Rose pretty much spent the whole class talking about her new baby brother. I thought that was just the sweetest thing,and  clearly Rose was just smitten with her little brother.

Both of the girls have been nothing but sweet and kind to their little baby brother. For about the first 3 weeks of his life, the girls were always asking to hold and cuddle with Keith as if they just could not get enough of him. Although the novelty of holding Keith might of worn off a little, they still will not go to bed without giving Keith lots of hugs and kisses.

They have been taking their role as big sisters very seriously and are so good at helping me. They will always grab things for me, like diapers, wipes and blankets for Keith. Although there has been a few time when I ask them to get me something they will respond with a echo of what I often say to them "In a minute, I'm busy". They are also very good and running to Keith and putting his soother back in his mouth when it falls out.  They sometimes put it back in his mouth a little more forcefully then I would like but thankfully Keith doesn't seem to mind.

Considering their ages, they have been very understanding that often I'm busy meeting Keith's needs. Clearly there has been tears when I'm not able to come as fast as they would like, but luckily at this point there has not been as many as I thought there might be. They have even started copying me as I tend to the baby. Their favorite thing at that moment is to feed their dolls as I feed Keith. They sit on the bottom stair and lift up their shirts and put the dolls to their bellybuttons........ so a little off but close enough and so cute and funny!

Rose at this point seems unaffected by the change that comes with a new baby in the home, maybe it is because she was already a big sister so she was already very use to do things on her own and having to wait for me to help her with things.

Violet at first also seemed unfazed but not too long after my mother went home, I feel she is starting to realize that things have changed and she has been acting a little out of character. She is not as out going towards people as she normally is and she is also a lot more clingy, needing a lot more hugs and cuddles. Because she is so young I don't think she realizes that she is having some struggles with the changes that come with a baby. But overall I think she is handling it really well, and as I am the parent I'm doing my best to help her deal with this change. I'm make sure to give her plenty of positive attention, when she does something well whither big or small. And when she does need those extra cuddles and love I have been trying to make sure I give her take time, sometimes I can not give her as long as she would like but I do take a moment and reassure her and give her those few extra hugs she needs.

But at this point I'm not worried about the girls and how they are doing with their new roles. They really have been so good. And clearly so love their baby brother so much.

I'm feel so lucky to have three of the 
most beautiful children in the whole world! 
Not that I'm biased at all! :)